Microsoft forcing Chromium Edge browser on users annoying Windows community

Recently Microsoft has rolled out the new chromium-based Edge browser to the public through Windows update. The new Microsoft Edge is surely an excellent alternative to Chrome because of its similar features and less RAM hogging nature.

But now some people are most frustrated with Microsoft’s new move of forcing the Chromium Edge on users by taking over their entire computer upon startup.

Normally, after a Windows update when your system reboots, everything looks normal. But after the recent Edge release update, when you restart the computer, a full-screen pop-up takes over your device to “introduce” you to the new Microsoft Edge. Then the screen walks you through some basics Edge browser settings like importing your data from another browser and automatically does so in the background without asking.

The most annoying thing is — it does all of this with absolutely no warning and also no option or anything to halt it. And on the top of this all, Microsoft even auto pins Edge icon to your taskbar.

Apart from that, after Windows update, Microsoft also resets the present default browser, be it Google Chrome or Firefox, and ask you again to set the default browser. This time including Microsoft Edge in the list with the title “Featured in Windows 10”. Also, as of this update, you can’t uninstall Edge anymore.

This way of forcing people to install and use the Microsoft Edge browser angered many Windows users. The funny thing is the update was meant for Windows 10, although Windows 8 and outdated Windows 7 users also faced the same problem.

Here are tweets of some angry Windows users:

It’s clear, Microsoft wants people to use the newest version of its Chromium Edge browser, which does replace the old one, but this is a very annoying way to do that.

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  1. Yes worse than annoying. EVERY time I use my browser (I mean EVERY time) I get a pop-up asking me if I want to use Microsoft edge with options of “yes” or “maybe later”…. there is not a “NO” option. It won’t go away until I click “maybe later”, then the next browser page it re-appears again anyway. It’s worse than a lot of viruses


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