Microsoft Releases Phone Link App for iOS, Allowing iPhone Users to Connect with Windows 11

Windows 11 users who own iPhones can now stay connected with their friends and family through their PC, thanks to the Phone Link app for iOS released by Microsoft. The app allows iPhone users to make and receive phone calls, send and receive messages via iMessage, access contacts, and view notifications on their Windows PC. The app was previously available in preview versions of Windows but lacked iOS support.

The lack of iOS support may have deterred some users from using Windows, but the new update of the Phone Link app for Windows 11 aims to solve this issue. To use the feature, iPhone users must install and configure Link to Windows on their devices, which is supported on iOS 14 and later.

For business professionals, Phone Link provides an advantage in answering text messages, monitoring calls, and viewing incoming notifications during a meeting, where using an iPhone might look unprofessional. iPhone users can also receive calls, text messages, and notifications through their Windows PC while the smartphone is charging, making it more convenient to use both devices simultaneously.

The Phone Link setup procedure is straightforward and just entails connecting the iPhone to the PC over Bluetooth. After scanning the QR code and validating the phone, the pairing is completed with a permissions request, allowing users to sync material to their PC, get phone notifications, and exchange contacts.

However, Phone Link has some limitations in terms of functionality. Replying to group messages, for example, or sending media in messages, are not supported. Also, the messages will only come when the phone is directly connected to the PC. Notifications will be provided to the PC via the Windows Notifications interface, where they may be inspected, pinned, and deleted using Windows tools.

The Phone Link app will be rolled out in 85 markets with 39 languages, which could take several weeks. The latest version of the app will come pre-installed with Windows 11 or available for download from the App Store. It’s worth noting that support for iPad (iPadOS) or macOS is currently unavailable.

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