Microsoft Is Preparing A Complete Redesign Of Windows 10 In 2021

The Windows 10 user interface, and overall the design of the leading desktop operating system, continues to receive criticism for its inconsistency five years after its release. Microsoft is aware that it is an issue to be solved and will address it in the 2021 versions.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft is already preparing an update to smooth out all the rough edges of the design and finally bring it into line with what is expected from “Fluent Design”. A design that, on the one hand, has a lot of potentials but has not yet permeated the entire system.

The current UI design of Windows 10 is still based on the “Metro Design,” which dates back to Windows 8 and which is now in many respects inconsistent due to the various changes that have layered on top of each other in these years.

Microsoft is working on a project that under the code name “Sun Valley” will extensively renew the interface with expected delivery in Windows 10 “Cobalt,” the autumn edition of 2021. 

A redesign has been under the hood since the beginning of 2020, focusing mainly on the aesthetics of the system. Specifically, in applying changes to Start, the Activity Center, and the controversial File Explorer, which continues with the same aesthetic received in Windows 8 times.

The 2021 update will bring major changes to the interface. Animations will be modified, and it is hoped that an attempt will be made to unify the Fluent Design so that it applies to all parts of the system.

Much of these changes will lead to a look similar to that of Windows 10X , but tailored for use on desktop and laptop computers.

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