Microsoft Releases Preview of Android Subsystem for Windows 11 Based on Android 13

The Android subsystem for Windows 11 is updated — Microsoft brings a first preview version based on Android 13. The update, with version number 2211.40000.7.0, is currently being distributed to members of the WSA preview program. 

According to Microsoft, this version should contain some performance improvements in addition to Android 13. Apps should start up to 50% faster in situations without competing workloads, and mouse input has been improved, as has clipboard stability. There should also be fewer problems when changing the size of app windows and playing media files.

However, the official app selection remains limited, with users continuing to rely on Amazon’s app store. The selection of applications is still small, especially compared to Google’s Play Store. It is possible to sideload Android apps, and alternative app stores such as Aurora and F-Droid can also be installed. However, Google apps and the framework still do not run reliably in the WSA.

Currently, WSA on Android 13 is available to a limited number of users, and it is not yet known when the update will be available to all Windows 11 users. Testing updates can take several weeks to a couple of months before being finalized.

The purpose of the Windows Subsystem for Android Preview is to test an early version of WSA, separate from the Windows Insider build, so that Microsoft can gather low-risk feedback for all future PC users with the new built-in version of WSA and fix potential bugs before the release.

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