Microsoft’s Bing AI to be Automatically Integrated into Samsung Galaxy Devices

Microsoft’s Bing AI is now automatically available on almost every modern Samsung Galaxy device. The OpenAI-based search tool is integrated into the SwiftKey keyboard, which is part of Samsung’s One UI Android launcher. 

Users who have installed the SwiftKey keyboard on their Samsung Galaxy devices can use Bing AI without any additional setup. Microsoft announced the update on Twitter, revealing that version of SwiftKey will roll out to Samsung users over the next few days. The Bing AI feature has been available on SwiftKey since mid-April, including on the iOS version.

However, not all Samsung Galaxy users may want Bing AI integrated into their keyboard. They can use the default Samsung Keyboard instead by toggling keyboards on their device’s settings to avoid it. However, this may not be the last time Galaxy users see Bing AI. Samsung is reportedly considering shifting from its $3 billion deal with Google to make Bing its new search default.

It is worth noting that integrating Bing AI into SwiftKey is part of Microsoft’s strategy to expand its search and AI capabilities to a wider audience. In addition to its search engine, Bing, Microsoft is also investing heavily in AI-powered tools such as chatbots, virtual assistants, and natural language processing technology. The integration of Bing AI into SwiftKey is just one example of how Microsoft is trying to make its products and services more accessible to users on various platforms.

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