The Most Convenient iGaming Payments for Kiwis

New Zealand’s superb control of the coronavirus pandemic was achieved through strategic quarantine. This period saw an upsurge in online gaming traffic and iGambling. People cooped up in their apartments used this opportunity to indulge in the plethora of online gaming as well as sharpen their Casino skills. Customers look into two criteria for iGaming. These are:

  1. Level of security provided by various payment options. New players are advised to play at casinos charging a minimum deposit of $10.
  2. Convenience of charges offered by every best online casino using NZ dollars while payments is a very important factor. Players are always on the lookout for ones that don’t charge any. 

Paysafe Card

The Paysafe card is the most popular online payment mode among the available completely prepaid options. 100% privacy protection is ensured with watertight security. The site does not require any personal details or banking information or credit card details for its registration or continued use. A gamer can gamble online with complete safety by using a Paysafecard.

These cards are easily and readily available all over New Zealand. They allow players to stick to their planned online budget and not splurge. 66% of users are satisfied with their experience of using it and 25% reported their budget management has improved since shifting to Paysafe card. It is the prepaid option that limits their spending habit by employing a restriction. All reputed casinos recognize and accept Paysafe cards and it ensures a smooth gaming experience as well.


Neosurf is quickly becoming a crowd favourite due to these features:

  • High-speed transaction
  • Security of payments to hosts through safe and unique prepaid vouchers
  • Immediate credit of money to gaming account over real-time upon submission of voucher code
  • Maximum credit acceptance value via online payment is fixed at $500.
  • The upper weekly limit is placed at a whopping $2500
  • The upper monthly limit is a generous $5000
  • Assurance of seamless gambling experience. 

The single drawback of Neosurf is that it has a minimum deposit value of $20, which is $10 higher than the minimum value set in the majority of casinos.

POLi Payments

POLi Payments are routed directly through the customer’s internet banking account. It is free, safe and popular with gamers owing to the imposition of the lowest transaction rate in the whole of New Zealand. Gambling within a budget is enabled by this nifty quirk and has boosted its popularity over the years. 

One needs to begin by creating an account with POLi which becomes functional in only 24 hours. The low wait time and ironclad security added with the user-friendly portal design and detail have made POLi Pay another favourite among gamblers. Casinos have seen 2x traffic since the upsurge in POLi use. The industry has seen a 19% increase in revenue to $289m in the accounting year 2015.

Apple Pay

The multiple benefits of Apple Pay are:

  • Global acceptability.
  • Especially favourable in case of contactless payment.
  • Best security features among all of the online payments.
  • Complex formalities of checkout forms can be totally bypassed which gives it immense ease of access.
  • Does not require users to download any apps since it is built-in with all MAC products.
  • Payment through the touch of a button.
  • 0 processing fee

The only drawback it has is that it is available only to Apple users and not Android users.

Apple Pay provides a glitch-free user experience with superior privacy protection. The secure purchases attract online gamblers like none other. The 0 processing fee allows gamers to stick to their budget and limit their online spending as needed as e-wallets get depleted slower. 

Visa/ MasterCard

Internationally, MasterCard and Visa are the two most recognized and widely used forms of online payment. They have global viability and have specialized tires that are not limited to individual jurisdictions. Of them, MasterCard offers more bonuses and new offers. 

The Visa provides two types of cards – Standard Visa and VISA Signature. Mastercard gives the players options among Standard Mastercard, World Mastercard, and World Elite tiers for targeted use. These cards have gained massive trust among users as 64% of customers in 2008, to 88% of customers in 2012 responded they felt Visa/ MasterCard to be a safe mode of payment in a government survey.

The user does not have to deal with regular unauthorized charges and is insured under extended warranties which goes on to safeguard them against duplicitous transactions on gambling sites. This earns them worldwide trust.

Concluding Thoughts

All of these modes of payment allow New Zealanders to participate in online gambling in a fast and safe manner. This makes gambling profitable and hassle-free. Secure payment options led to a compound annual growth rate of 3.4% in 2018. 

All of them have low processing fees and high speed of transactions which does not introduce delays or breaks in the gaming experience. Players are always cautious about exceeding their budget and the non-cash transfers aid their accounts as well.

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
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