Mozilla Acquires Fakespot to Help Users Spot Fake Reviews

Mozilla recently acquired Fakespot, an organisation that utilises artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist customers in identifying fake or untrustworthy reviews on online marketplaces such as Amazon, Yelp, and TripAdvisor. 

Fakespot’s technology detects patterns and similarities between reviews, providing a rating or grade for the product’s reviews to help consumers make more informed decisions when making a purchase. The deal’s financial specifics were not disclosed.

Fakespot, which was founded in 2016, will continue to operate on all major online browsers and mobile devices. According to Mozilla Chief Product Officer Steve Teixeira, the Mozilla team will spend on improving the Fakespot experience for its many devoted consumers.

Including Fakespot’s capabilities will provide Firefox users with the greatest tools for sorting through false reviews and shopping with the assurance that what they’re buying is high-quality and real. Mozilla claims it will gradually add Fakespot capability to Firefox.

With more people utilising AI chatbots to produce fake product reviews, spotting fake reviews is expected to grow more difficult in the future. However, Mozilla is committed to building trustworthy AI and recently launched a new AI-focused startup called, according to Mark Surman, the executive president of Mozilla and the head of

The acquisition of Fakespot by Mozilla will give consumers a trustworthy purchasing tool that will aid in the improvement of the e-commerce experience. As the task of detecting fake reviews becomes more challenging, Mozilla’s commitment to building trustworthy AI could help consumers shop with more confidence in the future.

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