How to Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts in Android Without Rooting

How to Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts in Android Without Rooting

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We all know Android would not allow us to install and run multiple instance of an app or game, that means you can only install one WhatsApp,one Facebook app or any other app/game at a time. In this post we are going to share a little app that will help you to run multiple WhatsApp accounts, Facebook account or even a game like Clash of Clans in your Android smartphone.

Yes, there are many methods which will make possible to run multiple instance of an app, but most of them need root permission. But using this app, you can run multiple WhatsApp accounts without rooting Android.

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Multiple WhatsApp Accounts Without Rooting

Most of us are afraid of rooting our Android phone, because rooting voids your phone’s warranty, sometimes the risk of “bricking” your phone and also opens door for viruses. For them this method is the right one.

So let’s start :

First of all download and install this app from Playstore – Parallel Space

Run it and now can see the main page of the app.

Tap on “+” button below the screen to add multiple WhatsApp accounts or Facebook or any other app.

Now select the app/game which you want to install and run.

That’s it, you created multiple instance of your app.

You can also create a shortcut on homepage of newly created by holding and dragging it to the left bottom corner of the app’s main page.

And if you want to delete newly created app, just drag it bottom right corner.

For detailed tutorial watch video below :

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    Meruth 11 months

    It worked thank you……now i have two whatsapp in one phone

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    Simraan Shaikh 2 months

    HI, Very nice post.
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