New Infrastructure Bill Opens Doors for MSPs

In 2020, cyberattacks cost governmental agencies approximately $18.9 billion in downtime and recovery costs. This massive figure should illustrate the extent to which ransomware and cyberattacks continue to plague the public sector. 

That, of course, costs taxpayers billions of dollars, so it’s a concern for the public and federal, state, and local governments. For this reason, the recently passed $1.2 trillion Infrastructure bill has become so critical. In addition, the bill provides some much-needed help to state and local government agencies regarding funding their cybersecurity initiatives.

There has never been a better time for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to offer their services to state and local governmental agencies and help them understand all the provisions of this critical infrastructure bill. As a result, many will need guidance to receive the maximum portion of the grant money entitled to them. 

By partnering with Acronis SCS, MSPs will be able to take full advantage of our cutting-edge cyber protection suite, as well as our certified backup and security solutions. The bottom line to your company will be a more substantial customer base and a surge of increased profits, so it’s definitely worth your while to pursue this opportunity.

To make it easier for you, we’re diving into the critical initiatives within this bill that will help your public sector clients get truly #CyberFit. 

Supporting Cyber Security Projects Even for Rural Areas 

The bill designates $1 billion over four years for the State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial (SLTT) grant program. It provides federal cybersecurity assistance, and these grants stipulate at least 80% to local governments and 25% of that earmarked for rural areas. 

Funding for rural areas provides some overdue and badly needed support to upgrade power infrastructure, improve drinking water, and give rural communities upgraded bridges and roads. 

As an MSP, your firm is well-positioned to work with government agencies to ensure they receive their full allotment of these grants and identify critical projects where funding would be especially beneficial.

Protecting Critical and Vulnerable Infrastructure From Cyber Attacks 

One of the Infrastructure bill’s provisions calls for a $250 million grant program that can deliver assistance to protect critical infrastructure against cyberattacks. 

The Rural and Municipal Utility Advanced Cybersecurity Grant and Technical Assistance Program awards will help utilities safeguard against and respond to cybersecurity threats. In addition, since states and cities must outline how they plan to spend the grant money, you as an MSP can work with your public sector clients to prepare a report on this topic so that the agency receives all entitlements. 

Protection for Vital Resources: Water 

The infrastructure bill also establishes a Clean Water Infrastructure Resilience and Sustainability program. Emergency funding is now available to respond to digital attacks on public water systems. In addition, there are grants available to help critical water systems increase their ability to deal with cyberattacks, natural hazards, and extreme weather. 

As a knowledgeable MSP, you can advise and assist agencies in preparing their requests for grant money to help increase their security from cyberattacks. 

Another provision within the bill tasks the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to develop a list of public water systems deemed vulnerable to cyberattack. 

The agency will then create a plan to provide voluntary technical and cybersecurity support to those threatened public water systems. An amendment to the Safe Drinking Water Act details that the EPA Administrator will provide technical assistance and monetary grants to states for assistance with emergencies arising from cybersecurity events. 

These are other areas where you could provide invaluable assistance to state and local government agencies by specifying exactly which areas require more protection and how the grant money could help manage that. 

Why Should Government Agencies Select an MSP Partnered With Acronis SCS?

With the vital funding necessary to protect state or local governments from cyberattacks, agencies must develop a plan and invest wisely. So why should they choose you as an MSP partnered with Acronis SCS? Below you’ll find some of the best selling points you can offer your clients regarding our technical capabilities and solutions.

For one, Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud is a FIPS 140-2 certified, HIPAA compliant, and CJIS-verified solution built specifically for the US public sector. It helps address critical gaps related to a lack of network visibility and the prevalence of legacy IT systems. 

Additionally, the highest level of data encryption is achievable because of our FIPS 140-2 certification, which is fully compliant with all requirements specified by the Federal Government. 

Also crucial is the fact that Acronis SCS is all about being US-based. That means our support and data centers are 100% domestic, and all our employees are US citizens. 

The full suite of features offered in Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud ensures that state and local government agencies with safe and reliable backup, protection from ransomware, and the ability to sync and share files seamlessly. Our flexible and easy-to-use solutions include mix-and-match functionalities, plug-and-play capabilities, and pay-as-you-go pricing. As a subscription-based model, Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud makes a point of offering these kinds of flexible licensing models. In addition, the monthly pay-as-you-go model reduces up-front investment, providing cost savings and easier budgeting. 

Why MSPs Should Partner with Acronis SCS to Serve their Public Sector Clients

Regardless of whether you as an MSP are brand new to the public sector vertical, or if you’ve been offering solutions geared for state and local governments for years now, you can benefit tremendously by partnering with Acronis SCS. 

You will be able to leverage our extensive knowledge, experience, sales support, and superior products to help you achieve your goals as a Managed Service Provider. In addition, you’ll be able to avoid virtually all the compliance holdups and delays and start profiting right away.

Regardless of the requirements of a particular client, we have the capabilities of meeting and exceeding them. You can be confident that you’ll never be at a loss for having adequate technology and service. Our cross-functional mix of cyber security and data protection tools is comprehensive and fully integrated to provide maximum functionality. 

It will be a strong selling point to offer your clients complete control of all endpoints in their network from one central and highly capable console.

With the kind of cybersecurity funding government agencies will receive through this massive infrastructure bill, there is never a better time for MSPs to go after state and local government clients. So take the first important step by partnering with Acronis SCS. We’ll do everything in our power to support you in getting clients #CyberFit. 

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