Nikon CMOS Sensor Records 1000 Frames Per Second In 4K

Nikon is developing a small sensor that offers 17.84 megapixels and is supposed to take continuous pictures at 1,000 frames per second in 4K.

As Dpreview reports, it is a square sensor that is probably intended more for industrial applications and could not be used in classic cameras. One possible area of ​​application: cars in which the cameras are used as electronic mirrors.

In the case of a sensor with back exposure, light losses should be kept as low as possible by laying the conductor tracks on the back of the sensor so that a larger light-sensitive area is available on the front.

Nikon’s example image shows a picture in which both the dark and the light areas are well exposed, although only a single picture is taken and not two pictures with different exposure have to be offset against each other.

According to Nikon, there is high demand for compact, high-resolution image sensors with high frame rates and large dynamic ranges.

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