One Million U.S. Dollars Bounty To Hackers Who Can Breach Apple’s Latest iOS 9

A cyber security firm, Zerodium in Tuesday made an offer to all hackers around the world. That the company will pay One million U.S. dollars bounty to hackers who can find a way to breach Apple’s latest[p2p type=”post_tag” value=”ios-9″ attributes=”target=’_blank'”] iOS 9[/p2p] mobile operating system.

This is the biggest bounty ever publicly offered for a single such exploit. One million U.S. dollars ($1,000,000.00) to each individual or team who gives the company a hacking technique that can take over an iOS device remotely, via a web page the victim visits, a vulnerable app on the victim’s device, or by text message. The company says it’s willing to pay the bounty multiple times, though it may cap the payouts at $3 million. The program is open until October 31st, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. EDT, and may be terminated prior to its expiration if the total payout to researchers reaches three million U.S. dollars ($3,000,000.00).

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Zerodium also listed some conditions for valid submissions. Eligible submissions must include a full chain of unknown, unpublished, and unreported vulnerabilities/exploits (aka zero-days) which are combined to bypass all iOS 9 exploit mitigations including: ASLR, sandboxes, rootless, code signing, and bootchain.

And also  The whole exploitation/jailbreak process should be achievable remotely, reliably, silently, and without requiring any user interaction except visiting a web page or reading a SMS/MMS .

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And mainly  Partial or incomplete exploits/jailbreaks will not be eligible for the Million Dollar iOS 9 Bug Bounty. All submissions must be made exclusively to Zerodium and must include the fully functioning exploit and its source code and a detailed whitepaper describing all the zero-day vulnerabilities and techniques used in the jailbreak.

Zerodium’s unprecedented bounty may show just how difficult it’s become to penetrate Apple’s increasing layers of security. But with a million dollars on the table, expect a new wave of hackers to try.

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