OnePlus Will Merge OxygenOS With OPPO’s ColorOS To Improve Efficiency

After the announcement of the integration of OnePlus within OPPO, now comes the confirmation that its interface, OxygenOS, will also be merged into OPPO’s ColorOS.

Initially, OnePlus reassured its fans that OxygenOS would not go anywhere. The latest development now suggests that OxygenOS is ready to merge with OPPO’s ColorOS. A piece of news that has come through a message on the company’s forum signed by Gary C himself, OxygenOS product lead, who assures that the two companies are “working on integrating the codebase of OxygenOS and ColorOS.”

In this way, Android-based operating systems will come together to become a single platform, promising to make it stronger and more stable. It is worth noting that the operating system will continue to be distributed under the name OxygenOS.

The determination of OnePlus and Oppo to create a single Android-based operating system is as logical as could be expected. Nor will it imply anything exaggeratedly new, taking into account that OnePlus phones were sold in China with ColorOS and not with OxygenOS.

Although, one of the fears of users is that OxygenOS, the praised interface of OnePlus, will end up disappearing, as has Realme UI, which is currently nothing but renames OPPO’s interface, ColorOS.

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