Opera Introduced Opera One Browser with Contextual Tab Grouping and Focused on AI

Opera has announced the release of its new browser, Opera One, which is set to replace its current default browser. According to the developers, Opera One comes with elements that make it ready for a “generative future based on artificial intelligence.” While the exact meaning of this statement remains unclear, the browser’s innovative features are already turning heads.

One of the most significant changes in Opera One is the modified concept of grouping tabs called “Tab Islands.” This feature automatically groups open tabs based on their context, making it easier for users to manage their browsing experience. For example, when a user is looking for a place to have dinner, the browser will group different catering establishment tabs together. Similarly, when interacting with different Google documents, the tabs will be combined to make it easier for the user to work with them.

Each group of tabs is marked with a vertical bar of a particular colour, and users can expand or collapse a group with just one click. When collapsed, each group of tabs is complemented by hints, making it easy for users to find their desired island of tabs. Opera has noted that the new approach to grouping tabs is “a natural way to organize tabs into contextual groups.”

Another notable feature of Opera One is the browser’s new engine, which provides smooth rendering of complex web animations using the device’s graphics accelerator. This improves performance when interacting with tab groups and other features appearing in the new browser later.

While Opera has remained tight-lipped about the browser’s AI-focused features, it has been revealed that Opera One will receive integration with ChatGPT and ChatSonic. These AI-powered chatbots can assist users with various tasks, including answering questions and generating creative prompts, just like Bing AI chatbot in Edge browser.

Opera One also boasts a modular architecture that automatically adjusts elements when new features are added to the sidebar or when new tabs are opened. The sidebar includes workspaces, multiplayer with built-in widgets for popular music streaming services, and a block with messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram. The generative AI block, which includes ChatGPT, AI Prompts, and ChatSonic, is also available in the sidebar.

Opera One is already available in a preview version for developers, and the final release is scheduled for later this year. With its innovative features and AI integration, Opera One promises to be a game-changer in browsing.

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