Microsoft’s Bing ChatGPT Gets New Search Profiles To Improve Responses

Microsoft has introduced a new feature for its Bing chatbot that allows users to choose between different personalities. The new profiles are another approach to getting the problems of the first few weeks with the new Bing chat under control. Allowing users to regulate the AI ​​model themselves gives them more control over the answers.

Users can now use a three-level slider to choose whether the search results should be more precise or creative. Such options are not uncommon. OpenAI offers corresponding settings in the playground input mask. The GPT product family is being further developed not only by Microsoft but also by OpenAI. 

Search profiles for Bing ChatGPT include creative, balanced, and precise modes. The balanced mode, which lies between creativity and accuracy, is preselected. Users activated for the new Bing can already use the function. It is intended to prevent the emotional outbursts that initially characterized the chatbot when users asked too many questions or accused the chatbot of something.

Bing ChatGPT Gets New Search Profiles

The new profiles also respond to problems that arose with the Bing chat in the first few weeks after its release. To avoid confusing the language model, the number of chat requests per session was limited to five. However, the restrictions introduced led to new problems. The Bing chat recently refused to answer more and more often. However, a new update should remedy the situation.

API users get access to the GPT 3.5 Turbo language model — ChatGPT is also based on this. This works more efficiently than previous solutions and, according to OpenAI, is cheaper than the previous GPT 3.5 model. The price is $0.002 per 1,000 tokens. Tokens are strings of characters —usually in the form of parts of words — that a Large Language Model (LLM) uses to generate speech.

Also, Microsoft has recently included a handy function in its Windows 11 operating system, namely a Bing chatbot shortcut, that can be found in the taskbar. This addition has allowed for the integration of quick access to the AI chatbot within the Windows search feature, thus enhancing the user experience.

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