cloud infrastructure platform

Oracle announced a new cloud infrastructure platform, Oracle Alloy.

Oracle Alloy is a platform that enables service providers, integrators, independent software vendors (ISVs), as well as organizations such as financial institutions and telecommunications providers, to offer new cloud services to their customers as cloud providers. By using Oracle Alloy independently in its data centre, it is also possible to control operations to meet specific regulatory requirements.

Oracle Alloy enables service providers, integrators, and ISV partners of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to control contract terms, customer relationships, touchpoints, etc., while maintaining specific industry, market, regulatory and governmental requirements. It is also possible to provide customized applications and services under your brand’s cloud regulations.

You can set your pricing structure, rate cards, account types and discount schedules and define your support structure and service levels. In addition, since the financial management function provided by Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP is built in, it is possible to manage the entire customer lifecycle, including invoicing and billing.


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