Now You Can Play Counter-Strike 1.6 On Android Phones

Popular multiplayer game have a lot of fans around the world, but the interestingly now you can play Counter-Strike 1.6 on your Android smartphone. Of course, playing Counter-Strike on an Android device can be quite challenging, especially with the absence of a mouse and keyboard. But you can try it out!

Play Counter-Strike 1.6 On Android

A developer named Alibek Omarev has found a way to play Counter-Strike 1.6 on an Android tablet. By a Reddit post in /r/Android, he detailed how to play Counter-Strike on Android, which involves moving files over from an existing Steam installation, and installing the Xash3D apk.

As expected, the game doesn’t run as fast on a mobile device. The screen is cluttered with touchscreen controls, but at least they’re fully customizable, according to Omarev on Reddit post.

To be clear, Omarev is referring to the full game installed and running on the device and not simply being streamed or mirrored from a PC.

Gamers who are looking forward to trying this out should also expect some lag and slowdowns especially when playing online. Users will also be able to play online using the Counter-Strike 1.6 servers.

How To Install Counter-Strike 1.6 On Android

Install the APK. Install APK with omp postfix if you have multi-core device and noomp if you have single-core device or have problems with omp version.

The APKs, both the omp and noomp versions, are available on GitHub.

Install the latest Xash3D Android from here.

Copy cstrike and valve folders from your Steam CS1.6 installation to xash folder on SDCard.

Run CS16Client 🙂

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