New Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G brings support for 5G and improved performance

Qualcomm announces its new Snapdragon 750G SoC for gaming smartphones equipped with an integrated X52 5G modem.

The chipset is compatible with mmWave and sub-6 signals with download speeds that can reach a maximum of 3.7Gbps and coverage of almost all 5G connections available on the market.

With this new product Qualcomm aims to offer smartphone manufacturers a quick and effective way to develop 5G smartphones that not only take advantage of this new technology, but are able to ensure high performance with gaming as well as with all applications that depend on processing of artificial intelligence. 

The Snapdragon 7 series thus includes the Snapdragon 768G, 750G, 732G, and 720G this year alone. In the past two years, Qualcomm had already introduced the Snapdragon 710, 712, 730, 730G, 765, and 765G.

In comparison with the Snapdragon 730G model, Snapdragon 750G promises a 20% performance increase at the CPU level, 10% as regards the Adreno GPU, and 20% in artificial intelligence processing.

The Qualcomm Kyro 570 processor operates with a clock frequency of 2.2GHz for the performance cores of the A77 family, while the low-power ones of the A55 family are clocked at 1.8GHz. 

The Adreno 619 GPU has sixth-generation architecture, while the AI engine Qualcomm Hexagon allows obtaining a peak value of 4 TFLOPs in artificial intelligence processing.

The clock frequencies of the two core categories are the same as those implemented by Qualcomm in Snapdragon 730G. In the newcomer, the performance increases are linked to the type of core, which goes from Cortex-A76 to Cortex-A77. The GPU component is also different, which is that Adreno 619 against the Adreno 618 model implemented in Snapdragon 730G.

It is not yet known which smartphones will use the new Snapdragon 750G in the future. Only Xiaomi has announced that it wants to bring the first smartphone with the new SoC onto the market in cooperation with Qualcomm. Devices with the Snapdragon 750G should be available towards the end of this year.

Avinash A
Avinash A
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