real hackers use linux

Do you know why real hackers prefer Linux distro over Mac, Windows and other operating systems ?

May be we can say availability of many hacking tools and open source nature of Linux are the main reason that compels hackers to use Linux. But its not :

Hackers choose Linux because of a lot of reasons. In this article we are going to list those reasons: Why do real hackers use Linux?

First of all who is a hacker ? :

  • A hacker is someone who seeks and exploits weaknesses in a computer system or computer network and gain unauthorized access to your data.
  • Hackers may be motivated by a multitude of reasons, such as profit, protest, challenge, enjoyment or to evaluate those weaknesses to assist in removing them.
  • May be we can say a hacker is a “clever programmer“. Because a real hacker always enjoys learning details of a programming language or system. Because they love doing programming rather than theorizing it.

So from the above point its clear that a hacker must need an operating system that provides them maximum security to test their skills and one which make them more secure to do their activities on it.

So which is the favourite operating system of hackers:

Do Windows or Mac provide that kind of features ?

Of course not they are busy in spying their users. So whats hackers next choice — Yes! definitely Linux. So, thats why real hackers prefer Linux — to test their programming skills in a secured environment.

Now how to become a hacker ? :

Hacking is an art mixed with knowledge and dedication. So if any one asks me :

“How can I become a hacker ?”

The answer is one simply can’t become a hacker :

If you like to learn how to use Linux without loosing Windows, then go for dual booting. Dual booting means installing two operating system, here Linux and Windows, which works independently in same PC.

I think dual booting may help beginners who like to become hacker to enter the Linux world without leaving Windows.

Checkout one example — How to dual boot Kali Linux and Windows.

Also checkout — 5 things to do before dual booting Linux with Windows.

Again back to why real hackers prefer Linux distro :

All types of hackers or hacking groups like : Anonymous,Lizard Squad etc uses Linux for hacking purposes. These hackers Linux choice clearly says the power of Linux over the world. Apart from hacking Linux also powers almost all supercomputers running today.

Yes I know – you are waiting for that list why do hackers use Linux. So lets go into it.

Why Real Hackers Prefer Linux Over Other OS?

1. Open Source :

Yes that’s the first reason.

Do hackers use windows ?, Do hackers use mac ? – No, real hackers use Linux because Linux is a free and open-source software development and distribution.

What’s an open source software ? : a software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified.

Having a Linux distribution is like having a fully controlled personal OS. Because Linux source code is at your fingertips as you can easily modify the source code of Linux distro according to your need and also the most of the applications that run on this operating system is also of open source which makes more benefit . Neither Windows nor Mac gives you this type of power as Linux provides.

2. Don’t need to restart periodically :

After a software installation or after a Windows update your PC always ask to restart to make it fully functional.  Hackers didn’t use that type of OS which requires frequent reboot after each software installation.

So hackers choose Linux which doesn’t need to be rebooted periodically to maintain performance levels.

3. Normal system configuration :

System configuration is not a big deal in Linux, you can run Linux an any computer — from a low cost PC to a supercomputer. Laptops/PC which are available today with normal system configuration is good to run a Linux distro.

4. Don’t freeze up or slows down due to memory leaks :

This will be a notable feature of Linux. Another reason why hackers use Linux is Unlike Windows or Mac, Linux doesn’t need to be rebooted periodically to maintain performance levels and also it doesn’t freeze up or slow down over time due to memory leaks and such things.

5. Portable :

Another plus point of using Linux is its portability. One can use Linux distros along with Windows or Mac or any other OS without being installed. Yes, Linux always with you where ever you go 🙂

Because almost all Linux distro have Live booting feature. So you can get into any PC without installing Linux into it. You just need a downloaded Linux distro ISO file stored in your USB flash drive or CD/DVD.

6. Easy & fast installation :

May be difficult for beginners.

For  hackers,Linux is handy — because hackers always switches their OS occasionally – and Linux distros are always easy to install. And Linux installs faster than other operating systems.  Also, the boot time of this operating system is faster than some of the operating system.

7. Compatibility :

Linux distros supports all the Unix software packages and can support all the common file formats in it. Even you can run Windows softwares with the help of a good emulator.

8. Multitasking :

Linux is designed to do many things at the same time. Unlike Windows  it won’t not hang up or slow down other works while copying or transferring files from your PC — and also, many much more work can easily be done on it without disturbing any primary processes.

9. Network Friendliness :

As the Linux is open source and contributed by the team over the internet network, hence it very effectively manages to network over it and it also provides many libraries and commands that can be used to test network penetrations. Also, this Operating system is more reliable and makes network backup faster than any other operating system.

10. Privacy & Security :

Did you ever wonder why Linux doesn’t requires an antivirus software ?

We all use an additional antivirus program along with pre-installed Windows Defender — Why ? Because we don’t trust Windows inbuilt antivirus. So we are concerned about our online security.

On the other hand Linux doesn’t requires an antivirus because Linux is the most secure OS as it has very fewer vulnerabilities.

And next important feature is Linux come along with security and privacy — every hackers like to remains in the dark, so being anonymous is an important agenda for every hackers. And with the help of some tools in Linux a hacker can completely remain under the hood.

Yes — now you will say — it is also possible in Windows by using a good  VPN service. But the truth is even if you use a good VPN you can’t hide away from Windows spying eyes.

So these are some reasons for why Linux used for hacking. If you really want to become an ethical hacker uninstall your Windows and install a good advanced hacking Operating System or simply dual boot hacking Linux distro with Windows.

If you know any other reason — why hackers love Linux, please let us know.


  1. Don’t forget virtualization. Why dual boot when you can kvm? Virtual box and VMware run better on linux and for some reason, windows runs better on a virtual machine than it does running native on my computer. Shell scripting is another big reason we like Linux. A good script is worth a thousand clicks.

  2. i really want to install linux in my computer but i can not decide FEDORA or UBUNTU what do you think is the best one?

  3. I haven’t found a linux distro yet that doesn’t freeze up. I found some that’ll work for a while they all start freezing up and I have to hit the power button to shut down cause even the keyboard becomes unresponsive


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