4 Reasons to Use Dedicated IP in 2023

Today, as remote access systems gain popularity, companies’ concerns began to arise about their security infrastructures. The main reason for this concern is whether employees have secure access to valuable information, resources and data. According to research, globally, 41% of remote workers in 2021 reported accessing consumer data. Operational data, financial records, and data relating to human resources were also frequently accessed while working remotely.

The fact that distributed workers are not covered by the corporate firewall has raised IT security concerns. Finding solutions to maximize your existing security infrastructure and set up secure access permissions for your employees and teams minimizes these concerns. When you cooperate with these solutions, your security structure is improved, and its problems are fixed. As an example of this, utilizing dedicated and shared IP address is effective in workforce protection.

Thanks to these two, the company network can be accessed from any desired location, and any vital asset of your company is kept away from all bad activities. Although both IP addresses are more useful than each other, they also have different features. Let’s examine one of these two, Dedicated IPs, and find out why you should use it.

What Is Dedicated IP?

A private IP (Internet Protocol) address can be defined as a unique digital identifier that can be assigned to users. Dedicated IPs are very convenient for authenticating and allowed users to access a corporate network. Users are assigned their company’s unique IP address before further authentication methods such as 2FA and SSO.

A dedicated IP address is an address that can only be used by you and your company through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). If a user is assigned this IP address, he or she has access to secure network access and secure access to company data from anywhere in the world.

For authenticating authorized users to access a corporate network, Dedicated IPs are particularly practical. Before using additional authentication techniques like 2FA and SSO, users are given their company’s specific IP address.

A dedicated IP server makes it simple to set up private gateways so that all traffic to and from your network is sent via the same IP address, regardless of the ISP or mobile service you use. Dedicated IP is also known as static or personal IP, and thanks to it, all your data traffic is sent through a dedicated server without losing control of your digital privacy.

Why Should I Use Dedicated IP?

One of the most important advantages of using a Dedicated IP is that it is personal. However, it also offers many key advantages. Using a Dedicated IP is one of the most important parts of robust security and secure network access solution, and it is also very important to achieve an optimum level of network security. You can take advantage of these advantages by using it as an individual or corporate business. Let’s explain why you should use a Dedicated IP for 4 main reasons.

You don’t need additional authentication

Some sites in the internet world detect the IP addresses of their users when they try to log in to their systems, and if they detect that the same IP address is used by more than one person, they request an extra verification. It takes the same action not only in this case but also when it detects that the IP addresses you used to create an account and login do not match.

Smart sites rely on private IP addresses rather than shared IP addresses. If you are using the Shared IP address, it requests authentication again. In some cases, sites may doubt whether you are a robot and in such cases ask you to verify that you are not a robot. You will not have such problems with Dedicated IP.

It is quite a low possibility for you to be blacklisted

Your IP address is not conveniently blacklisted, which is one of the main benefits of having a dedicated IP. When you use a Dedicated IP, there are differences in how websites will treat you as a visitor when you are the only person using that IP address and there are many users on Shared IP addresses. In short, the dedicated IP does not create such doubts and is trusted because it is used by only you.

It becomes easy to protect your remote access

Dedicated Servers with fixed IPs allow secure and efficient access to company resources. If you use a fixed IP, it will be easier for you to reach cloud-based networks by installing a new generation site-to-site VPN with a flexible cyber security solution. The easy-to-use VPN apps of these solutions allow your team to work securely from anywhere and on any device.

Some networks only allow access from specific IP addresses for security reasons. In this instance, certain data is only accessible by those with access to the office’s internet connection. Additionally, neither your own internet connection nor a VPN’s Shared IP address will allow you to access these files or data on this machine. But if you have a Dedicated IP, you may easily access these networks and data whether from in the office or elsewhere.

You can minimize internal and external data breaches using dedicated IP

Employees are kept safe and anonymous when accessing the corporate network using a Private IP with a Business VPN. Outside of your network perimeter, your traffic is encrypted and shielded from potentially dangerous users.

By setting up dedicated gateways to particular teams and corporate branches, you can effectively manage access rights and secure critical business data by using particular company servers and customizing team gateway access.


The increasing number of working from home required companies to protect their data and resources with greater emphasis. Especially the activities taking place in company networks can cause many dangerous situations. In such cases, it may not be enough to use a VPN to protect your network and data while working with remote access. This is because using a VPN also means you are using that IP address with others.

As you can see, as a solution for this situation, a Dedicated IP address can be quite beneficial for every user. It operates differently from your real local IP. Therefore, thanks to the Dedicated IP, you can continue to be protected online. All your data traffic is sent over this IP, allowing you to continue to maintain control of your privacy. In addition, the fact that no one else can use your Dedicated IP is one of the advantages we mentioned above.

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