Samsung Unveils World’s First GDDR7 DRAM: 50% Faster Than GDDR6X

Samsung has announced the completion of work on the world’s first-ever GDDR7 DRAM, marking a significant milestone in the realm of graphics memory. This revolutionary chip is set to redefine the standards of speed and performance in the industry.

The new Samsung GDDR7 DRAM, designed for next-generation graphics cards and computing accelerators, boasts a throughput rate of 32 GBit/s, a staggering 42% increase from the current GDDR6X memory, which peaks at 22.4 GBit/s. This leap in performance is made possible by the implementation of PAM3 (Pulse Amplitude Modulation), a technique that allows the transmission of three bits in two clock cycles. This is a significant upgrade from the 2-way NRZ (Non Return to Zero) used previously, which can only transmit two bits in the same timeframe.

With a 384-bit memory interface, the GDDR7 can theoretically achieve a throughput rate of 1.536 GByte/s, a substantial increase from the just over 1 TByte/s possible with GDDR6X. However, the first graphics cards to utilize this speed are not expected to hit the market until next year.

Despite the impressive speed, the GDDR7 DRAM does not compromise on energy efficiency. In fact, it is reported to be 20% more efficient than its GDDR6 counterpart. However, this does not necessarily mean that the GDDR7 will consume less energy. Instead, it means that more bits can be transmitted per unit of energy, a metric manufacturers often express in bits per joule.

To manage the heat generated by the increased performance, Samsung has made modifications to improve heat dissipation. The materials in the EMC (Epoxy Molding Compound) have been adjusted to have a 70% lower thermal resistance. This explicit mention indicates that good cooling will still be necessary for GDDR7.

The GDDR7 memory chip is not only a breakthrough in graphics memory but also a significant advancement for artificial intelligence systems, high-performance computing, and automotive electronics. With its superior speed and efficiency, the GDDR7 chip is set to propel these sectors into a new era of performance and productivity.

Anu Thomas John
Anu Thomas John
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