Samsung’s Space Zoom Technology Relies on AI, Not Optics, for Moon Photography

Samsung has been touting the Space Zoom feature on its flagship Galaxy S Ultra series since the Galaxy S20 Ultra. However, a Reddit forum user with the nickname ibreakphotos has conducted an experiment that calls into question the camera’s ability to accurately capture the moon’s image.

The user downloaded a high-quality image of the moon from the internet and reduced its resolution to 170 x 170 pixels while blurring it to simulate a low-quality image. The user then photographed the image using the Space Zoom technology, and the resulting photo showed details not present in the original image.

Galaxy S23 Ultra Space Zoom Technology Relies on AI
Image Credits: Reddit

Ibreakphotos believes that when the phone captures images of the moon, it processes the image using artificial intelligence algorithms. The company trained a neural network on hundreds, if not thousands, of images of the moon to generate results that are added to all photos of the natural satellite. As a result, details appear in the pictures that the phone cannot capture or cannot capture in good quality.

This finding has caused a stir among Reddit users, with some accusing Samsung of false advertising. However, some users pointed out that the company had previously disclosed the use of neural networks in Space Zoom on a Korean technical support site in 2022.

In conclusion, the experiment conducted by ibreakphotos has raised questions about Samsung’s Space Zoom technology capabilities and the company’s reliance on artificial intelligence algorithms to capture detailed images of the moon. Nonetheless, it is important to note that using neural networks in image processing is common in the computer sector.

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