Smart Alternatives to the Safari Browser

It is safe to assume that you are probably stuck with the traditional Safari browser that comes with every Apple device. What if we told you that there are other great browsing options for you as well that offer a ton of functionality? Yes that’s right, you can get your hands on a number of different browsers that offer either similar or better features than the Safari browser on iOS.

Today, we have gathered all of these browsers in one place. You might say that you are happy with the Safari browser that is standard on all iOS devices, but if you are curious to find out what some of these browsers offer in addition to standard features then come along as we discuss them in detail.


Making it to the top of our list is the browser DuckDuckGo. With a number of customization options, this browser is definitely the one that you must check out. This browser offers the level of privacy that is unmatched by any other browser.

The browser is capable of blocking out all third party trackers that present you with those unwanted ads all the time. Instead, you will be able to track back the trackers themselves since the browser exposes them.

In addition to basic features, the browser offers various other useful features as well such as a Fire Button that lets you clear all the tabs in one go, an Application Lock that lets you secure the app with Touch and Face ID, and so much more.


If you often find yourself doing most of your work in the browser, then Fake is probably the browser for you. It makes use of graphical workflows for you to perform all repetitive actions without your participation.
Since all of the browser’s automation is made possible by Apple’s very own scripting tool, AppleScript, it makes it very easy to combine it with other OS X scripting tasks. In simple terms, it is a mixture of the Safari browser and Automator that enable you to make interactions with the web.


Do you find yourself worrying about your internet service providers find out what websites you are visiting? Or do you want to hide your IP address from the websites you are visiting? If the answer to both these questions is yes, then we recommend giving the Onion browser a try. The browser guarantees complete anonymity while you surf the web.
The Onion Browser is an open-source browser that is initiated by Tor, especially for iOS. With this browser, you will always have access to HTTPS websites no matter where you are as it automatically switches to HTTPS-enabled websites. Furthermore, you can access .onion websites that are only accessible over Tor.


Not every browser out there is as light and fast as it seems. Unlike many of those, Maxthon genuinely is the lightest and the fastest browser you can find for iOS devices. The browser works for you just like a personal assistant. It helps you create the perfect balance between entertainment and work life.

The browser offers a ton of other great features as well such as snapshot capability, optimized full-screen mode, custom backgrounds and so much more. Once you start using this browser, it is highly unlikely that you will back to your old browser.


While many internet service providers come with security suites, you need to be extra cautious while surfing online. Originally launched as an extension that preserves your privacy while you surf the web, this extension moved on to become the ultimate privacy-respecting browser for your iOS devices. The browser lets you observe and control which third-party websites are tracking you and allows you to take counter-measures against them.

The Ghost Mode in this browser ensures further privacy as it does not store any keystrokes, search history, or any other data when you browse the internet. The browser offers other phenomenal features as well including phishing protection, curated news, tracker status information and so much more.


You probably rely on Google for almost all your searches online, but what if we told you that there is something as good as Google out there? Yes, there is – Yandex is a Russian equivalent of Google and now it has its very own browser.

The browser runs on all iOS 7.0 and higher devices on both iPad and iPhone. It is one of the few browsers out there that offer voice search functionality. Now, you won’t need to type in those lengthy search queries before to get your desired results.

The browser further offers features such as turbo mode that boosts your connection allowing for faster downloads, content recommendations, active data security and much more. Do try this browser as you are likely to rely on it once you use it.

Summing Up

You may not want to get out of your comfort zone and try out these amazing browsers, but let us assure you that these browsers offer features that you might not find in your traditional browsers. You may have the best Spectrum gold package for a smooth and fast internet connection, but you won’t experience true browsing until you try one of these browsers.

Jenna Jose
Jenna Jose
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