SteamPal: Valve Is Said To Be Working On A Portable Gaming Console Capable Of Loading Steam Games

According to new rumors, Valve is working on a portable gaming console called “SteamPal” under the code name “Neptune” that would allow users to access titles from the Steam library. The supposed handheld Steam console is reminiscent to the Nintendo Switch.

The developer and maker of the Steam Database (SteamDB) and Steam Status, Pavel Djundik, discovered a “Neptune” controller in the latest beta of the Steam client. The latest beta client, therefore, has numerous references for the “Neptune” controller, such as UI strings, system settings, and operating modes such as use via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi.

According to Ars Technica, SteamPal refers to an all-in-one PC with gamepad controls. This would be the main difference with the Nintendo Switch, although the rest of the operation would be practically identical.

Several sources at Ars Technica who are familiar with the development have stated that this project has been in development for a long time and that it would consist of a computer with Linux operating system with command controls and a touch screen, and we can also dock it to a dock USB-C to take advantage of it on our television.

The System-on-a-Chip is contributed by Intel or AMD — unlike the Switch, where Nvidia supplies a Tegra-based processor. Details on the resolution of the Steam handheld, the performance, and other things are not yet available.

Valve has not confirmed this, which implies that this, for now, is a simple rumor. In addition, the fact that this console is in development right now implies that its form factor or its operation could change during the launch.

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