Best Tips for Making Pro Video on Android

The pursuit of the best camera amongst smartphone manufacturers has led to a significant decrease in personal camera sales worldwide. Today, even relatively cheap Android devices offer superb photo and video shooting quality with 2 or more special-purpose camera modules. However, it’s quite hard to unleash the real potential of your smartphone camera without the right apps and gear. Read this guide by Freepps experts, and you will learn how to turn your Android into a pro camera.

Get a Specialized Camera App

Stock camera apps on Android devices don’t let you control the recording settings. The automatic mode always changes parameters to achieve the best visibility. To be fair, that doesn’t look good at all. If you want your vids to look like you shoot on a DSLR camera, hurry up to download the right video app.

For making videos on, we usually use Bacon Camera. It’s a serious instrument for professional video shooting that lets you obtain full manual controls over your camera module. Bacon Camera provides manual controls for ISO, white balance, exposure, shutter, and focus. Combining all these features, you can make your footages much deeper and more detailed.

Lights, Action!

In fact, proper lighting is the most important aspect of shooting a good scene. If you see that it’s too dark for your camera, try to bring in a light source. If you are shooting for a blog, buy a LED static lightbox or a LED ring for $5-$30. If it’s for something more creative, you can play with all kinds of lamps that you have at home. The correct light source may change the scene dramatically and help you to convey the true cinematic ambiance.

Use a Stabilizer

If you want to shoot some static videos, you can use any tripod or monopod to get descent non-shaky footages. However, they won’t help you to record on the go. To achieve the cinematic smoothness of the image, you need a gimbal. Just a few years ago, electronic gimbals used to cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, this technology has dropped down in price, and you can purchase a decent mobile gimbal by Hohem, Zhiyun, or DJI for just $79-$139.

Install Montage Software

Have you achieved the wanted video quality? It’s time to learn how to edit your clips then! Choosing the app for montage, you have to compare requirements to your clips with the functionary of the app you are going to download. Our favorite Android montage app at is KineMaster. This pro-level instrument lets you work with multiple video layers simultaneously, edit every frame separately (if you want), add and edit sound, apply professional color LUT filters, and even work with chromakey footages.

Now Add Some Creativity!

Now that you know how to make a pro-level movie-recorder out of your Android, use your imagination! Using this setup, you can implement nearly any idea that comes into your head. No matter if you work on a video blog, or want to film a drama, your smartphone can handle that.

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