4 Tips To Turn Your Fans Into Social Media Followers

Do you have an online fan base? Are you communicating and engaging with your fans regularly? Perhaps, your social media profile has dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of fans. But, several of these netizens didn’t even click on the “Follow” button. So, here are four tips to help convert your fans into loyal social media followers.

Understand Your Audience

It might not be enough to comment or reply to user posts on social media. Many social media presences focus more on themselves rather than their fans. Thus, fans tend to disregard their pages as they appear on their feeds.

But, you want social networkers to click on that “Follow” button. Hence, the first step to converting fans into social media followers is to understand your niche.

For example, if you’re doing social media in sports, you need to capture the attention and interest of sports enthusiasts. Consequently, you need to search for dog lovers for your social media page about pooches.

Understanding your audience allows you to get intuitive with your original and shared posts. You’ll stick to a common theme, which becomes another requirement to convert fans to long-term social media followers.

Engage With Consistency

You can’t log into your social media account at random days and expect an increase in your follower base. Gaining new followers requires staying active in your chosen platforms. Moreover, you need to engage with fans with consistency.

Update your social media pages on a schedule. For example, you’re posting content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Furthermore, the content you post goes live every 7 pm.

Consistency will have your fans expecting that something will appear on your social media page on specific days and times. Think about it as waiting for your favorite TV show that only shows during a specific schedule. Before that show goes on air, you should be in front of the TV while sitting on a couch.

Fans will be lying in wait for your next post, especially if you put up quality content. Staying active while engaging with consistency will coerce fans to click those “Like”, “Follow”, and “Subscribe” buttons over time.

But, remember that there’s a thing called oversharing. Posts can flood your fans’ feed if you post too much content in a short period. This scenario can cause an annoyance, which may lead to netizens clicking that “unfollow” button instead.

Hence, post frequently, but not too much. Give ample time between each post to keep conversations going before the next piece of content goes live.

Analyze Each Social Channel

You should now have different social media options to stay active on the Internet. Some known examples include Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Although these platforms are social networking channels, it doesn’t mean that they’re entirely the same. Learn the ins and outs of each social media channel to help you formulate actionable strategies for converting fans into followers.

Check the demographics for each social networking platform and align your efforts with the right channel. For example, Facebook is an ideal choice for building relationships and keeping contact with old friends. Therefore, consider choosing this platform if your audience is within those categories.

Conversely, Twitter is ideal for building brand awareness. Fans can flock to this platform, and you’ll likely gain positive results from your social media marketing campaign (if done correctly).

At first, you might spread your brand across different social media platforms. Then, choose the channel that you have the most fan engagements and stick with that platform.

Still, don’t disregard the other channels completely; you can still stay active in your other social media accounts, albeit not as frequently as before.

Post Relevant Content

Remember the adage, “Content is king.” You can’t attract sports fans if you’re posting memes about movies all the time.

Develop and publish great and relevant content in your social media accounts. In turn, you can attract fans in the same niche. Probe around the numbers in your analytics report to check which posts became successful or turned into failures.

So, if you’re handling a social media presence about pets, then, publish content, like tips on how to care for cats and dogs. Avoid creating or sharing content related to any other topic, as you might lose fans and followers.

Note that success in social media may not happen overnight. It may take days of trials-and-errors before you can get the correct formula. Once you have that winning regimen, stick to it, and you can start seeing results in your social media campaigns.


Don’t forget to follow these four tips to help increase your chances of converting fans into loyal social media followers. Remember to understand the platform and your audience, and ensure that you’re posting relevant content consistently.

Jenna Jose
Jenna Jose
Jenna Jose is an experienced gaming editor with a journalism degree and a passion for RPGs and strategy games. She's your go-to source for the latest gaming news and comprehensive game lists. Off the clock, she's all about retro games and board game nights.


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