Top 5 Applications for Printed Circuit Boards

Anyone working with electronic devices will realize that printed circuit boards (PCB) are essential. If you are unsure of how useful they can be, it might make using them to their best advantage difficult. However, taking a look at some of the top applications and how they are used could help you to understand exactly what they are and how they could help you.

The World of Medical Devices

Technology has made a huge difference to the world of medicine, and this applies to medical devices as well. The main purpose of a PCB is to connect all the components together, and this applies to the machinery used in hospitals, doctor’s clinics, dentists and any other medical practice. PCBs are in equipment that helps diagnose and treat ailments. They are more accurate than the traditional type of circuit board and are perfect for this application.


Computers contain many components that need linking to work correctly. A PCB is ideal for this, and as they can now be made smaller, they are in all digital devices, including things as small as your smartphone. With systems such as CircuitSudio Powered by Altium, there is an affordable and professional way to make the designs needed for them.

Without a PCB, your digital devices would not be as small or efficient as they are, and even desktop computers would not run as well as they do.

LED Lights

It may come as a surprise that PCBs are used in many ways within our everyday lives that you are not even aware of. For instance, they are needed to make the LED lights function. This fairly recent innovation in lighting is one of the most energy-efficient ways of lighting homes and commercial premises but would not work without PCBs.

Household Goods

The market in PCBs for household goods is huge. But, that should be no shock, as your microwave, vacuum, oven, washing machine and any other house equipment would not work without them. Just think back to how TVs and music centers worked and looked just a few years ago and how much simpler they are to use now. Many of them have become smart devices too, and this is all because of technology and PCBs.

PCBs for this market need to be mass-produced, and with the aid of computer-assisted design, that is not a problem.

Industrial PCBs

Industries of all types would not run so smoothly if it were not for PCBs. They are used in all industries, with some larger companies having their own departments for designing them to meet their specific needs. They are used a great deal in the automotive industry, for example, and your car would not have all its gadgets or be as efficient without them.

As most technology is electrically-based, some experts believe that, without PCBs, it would not have advanced as quickly as it has. However, tech advancements are also making PCBs smaller, simpler to design and cheaper to make all the time. The more improved PCBs become, the more they can help technology to evolve.

Jenna Jose
Jenna Jose
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