Top Gadgets that will Reveal a Geek in You

It’s hard for modern extraordinary gadgets so surprise the society, but some of them are really amazing. Technological developments, which are provided below, can be not only eccentric but very useful in certain situations. Such units are able to reveal a geek in you, so they are worth checking out.


Modern drones are sturdy, compact, and technology-enabled, that is why many experts regard them as the start of a new golden era of drones. Its corps usually has sensors and cameras, which allow the device’s owner to control it and avoid a colliding with obstacles. Unmanned aircraft supports the special 10-bit color profile with a wide dynamic range that gives more options for color correction on video filming. During FHD video shooting, a 4-time lossless zoom helps get closer to the objects that are far away and capture previously inaccessible shots from a safe distance. If you’re interested and want to read reviews on specific models for a certain budget, check out

Speakers for Vinyl

Many modern artists still release their albums on vinyl, so the music lovers can amass a great collection of records and enjoy the pure sound. The best speakers for vinyl are able to fill the room/house with music, rid the listener of interference, and present the maximum detail of the music track. Active and passive models can really create surround sound and reveal those elements (some instruments background, particular music technologies, etc.), which couldn’t be heard while listening to the standard MP3 or FLAC files.

Fitness Trackers

This mobile device is widely used in sport and everyday life because it fixes the traveled distance, counts burned calories, as well as determines heart rate. It tracks sleep phases thanks to the smart alarm function. The peculiarity of this gadget is that the smart bracelet wakes its owner up exactly at the time when it is easier for him\her to wake up (the approximate time frame to wake up may be set up). Some models count swam distance. The bracelet can scan products and count calories, as well as remind him/her of the need for making physical exercises.

Smart Speakers

The gadget completes tasks via voice commands and built-in monitor displays media files. Such speakers are a great addition to the Smart Home system. They are able to demonstrate notifications, play videos from the Internet, and show lyrics. Some devices give an opportunity to make voice calls outside the house and analyze clothes (via front-facing camera) by offering various outfits.

Single-Board Computers

This microcomputer is a network-attached storage, web server, or media center. The device fits in the palm of the hand and looks stylish. It can work with such operating systems, as Linux, Android, and even Windows 10, but the last one has stripped-down server version without a graphical interface but still worth a try. The unit supports video (up to 1080p) playback. After the distribution kit installation, it can display photos and play audio.

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