Understanding the Favicon and Its Importance

There are a lot of things that go into making your business great. Those who have been working with internet marketing and similar ventures are aware that the bigger picture is made up of smaller details. And once everything connects, you end up with a pretty sight.

As you start to delve deeper into the whole business, you begin to realize just how much of a truth this is. One of the best examples for this is a favicon – a relatively insignificant part of a website that, at first sight, holds little to no significance. But is that really what is happening? Quite the opposite, actually.

Creating One

Favicons are those little icons you see near the name of the website. And it would be hard to imagine a website that does not have one. If you were to stumble upon something like that, things would not seem right.

So how does one go and create one? Well, there are a couple of options. The first one is using a free generator on the internet. If you are ever in need of something like that, be sure to check out this List of 10 Best Favicon Generators on the Oberlo’s website.

Another option would be designing the whole thing yourself or hiring a professional who specializes in favicons. Usually, favicons are the same as a logo because the latter is extremely recognizable and if the format and appearance fit as a favicon, there is hardly any real need to look for another version.

The Importance of a Favicon

Understanding the Favicon

Most people have a lifestyle where they absorb new information almost every hour. The pace and amount of what we can access can be pretty overwhelming.

The internet is the perfect representation of the current situation. The number of shops, streaming platforms, news sites, etc. continues to grow and sometimes it is difficult to choose.

As we continue to depend on the internet, businesses behind various ventures are looking to make a name for themselves and look for ways on how to improve their standing in the current system. So if there is any innovation or a small thing that can make a difference, no matter the industry, you can be certain that companies will make use of it.


A website itself matters a lot, but ultimately, the whole business side of thing revolves around the customer. In other words, their browsing experience. Visual aids are perceived faster than texts. How is a favicon related to that? Well, the answer is pretty simple. That little image saves time when you need to switch between tabs.

When you think about the number of tab switches one does per day on average, the whole thing adds up to a decent amount, meaning that favicons really do make a difference.


Understanding the Favicon

You need to think of your website as a single entity that consists of separate details. And even if the smallest of those details is not up to par with rest, the whole thing can collapse. Favicons are integral to every website and should not be underestimated on how much of a difference they make.

Brand Awareness

Even if most businesses use influencers and other marketing methods to raise their brand awareness, favicon also plays a role in this aspect. Since it usually represents the logo of a company, which is one of the most recognizable parts of the whole project, you can be certain that people are bound to take notice and remember a favicon as well.

It is also worth pointing out that if a symbol, which is a favicon, in this case, is designed in a proper way, it will make its way in the users’ head subconsciously, whether they want it or not.


Understanding the Favicon

While not directly, a favicon can also improve the SEO of the website. People on the internet have been known to bookmark sites with favicons more often than ones without them. And bookmarking sends a positive signal to Google and other search engines.

Returning Visitors

If someone stumbles upon your site and has to close the browser because there are more pressing matters, he or she will bookmark it with intent to return later. But if the person has a lot of bookmarks, it is quite easy to get lost among them.

Of course, the situation becomes less of an issue if there are more methods to identify the website besides its name. And yes, that is one of the purposes of a favicon.

Even if you were aware of what a favicon is, you probably have not thought it holds so much significance. But the reality is what it is. Once you start to delve deeper, it becomes clear that something as little as that icon can make a difference.

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