The United States Also Wants To Introduce Single Mobile Charging Port

The United States, following the European Union, plans to adopt a single charging port for smartphones.

Last Thursday, a group of US senators published an open letter to the US Department of Commerce asking to approve USB-C as a single standard for the US market.

The initiative was put forward by Senators Ed Markey, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Senators called such a decision by the European Union “wise.”

According to senators, the transition to a single charging standard will reduce the amount of plastic and electronic waste. They noted that after buying a new device, the user simply throws out the charger if the connectors do not match. In addition, it will greatly enhance the convenience for consumers.

The company that will suffer the most from the adoption of a single type of charging connector is Apple — many of Apple’s gadgets use proprietary Lightning chargers. According to some insiders, Cupertino has already tested USB-C in future iPhone models. Manufacturers of other electronics in the majority, have long since switched to USB Type-C.

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