How can you use CMMS for better preventive maintenance

CMMS is a maintenance software or system which is an integral part of any business as it can help streamline business operations, thus making everything run smoothly without errors. But its performance or usage stands out when it comes to machine plant maintenance management. And this article is all about how you can use CMMS for optimizing your preventive maintenance strategy. Read on to know more.

Proactive maintenance strategies

Waiting for a piece of equipment to fail is never a good idea. It will cause unexpected downtime, not to mention the cost of replacing/repairing the equipment. It is hence better to avoid this situation completely if possible. This can be done by regularly servicing your assets and applying preventive maintenance operations.

CMMS helps you keep track of the health and performance of your assets and to identify beforehand in case anything is wrong. Thus, it helps in preventing machine failures. It also helps you schedule regular servicing so that your machinery is maintained in perfect condition and has a longer life. In case any failures do happen, CMMS helps identify the problem quickly so that you can fix it as soon as possible. It will also make sure that the same problem won’t happen again. Hence, the CMMS plays a crucial role in preventive maintenance.

Set clear objectives and put CMMS to work to achieve them

Maintenance management comprises of a number of processes all of which have to work together and well in order to maintain your assets in prime condition. But these processes differ with businesses. Hence, it is important to identify your maintenance objectives before you plan a preventive maintenance strategy. After you identify the key objectives, you can start devising methods to achieve them. CMMS can be of great help here.

It makes a lot of things much easier through automation, real-time data analysis, inventory management, etc. Since CMMS is so versatile, you have to decide how you are you going to use it, that is, you have to decide the objectives that you want to achieve with the CMMS. Once you have that fixed, it is easy to configure CMMS to work to achieve those specific goals. This will make sure that you stay on top of all your maintenance goals and ensure that your assets have a long lifespan.

Evaluate your maintenance strategy strengths and weaknesses

Now that you have set your goals and put your CMMS to work, it is time to go over everything. Maintenance management is not a ‘do once, ignore forever’ thing. You have to constantly revise it with better ideas to get the best out of it. Fortunately, CMMS can be of huge help here. CMMS allows you to access real-time data of all the processes like machine running times, maintenance in progress, where and when, inventory data, etc. That is, CMMS allows you to keep a birds-eye view on all the things happening in your business operations and maintenance management.

You can use this data to assess the strategy and figure out the weak spots. Once you have the weak spots identified, you can devise new methods to strengthen it. Through constant revising and changing, you will end up with the best maintenance plan that is perfect for your business operations. Hence it is imperative that you always keep track of your CMMS as it is an invaluable tool in maintenance management.

Final thought

Hence, CMMS is a complete system with different solutions which can help make your preventive maintenance strategies so much better and easier to implement if you use it wisely.

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