Best privacy tool: why do you need it in 2019?

“I don’t care about online security because I have nothing to hide.”

This kind of thought is average for an Internet surfer. But thinking this way is all the same as don’t care about freedom of speech because you have nothing to say.

Federal institutions have developed mechanisms that enable real-time invasion of privacy. Governments and corporations track all your online activities due to browsers and internet providers. Do you realize that right now all your communications are spied, files, passwords credit card can be used by third parties?

You are lucky! In this review, I share free and the most advanced software based on blockchain technology. It was developed to stop the surveillance and guarantee secure data transfer online!

What global problems does society suffer online?

Surveillance — Worldwide surveillance is getting more power due to social media, messengers, browsers, and other online services. All the information you mentioned once is stored on a server to be extracted as needed.

Espionage — Corporations like Google and providers track websites you visit, connection times, passwords, and metadata. Governments make such espionage legitimate and even required (UK, US, and many others). A VPN service can guarantee a certain level of web privacy.

Censorship — Firstly, freedom of speech and expression was a vital point of the whole concept of the Internet. Now institutions in many European countries restrict the content published online. Do you think you read actual world news?

Ads — All the private data serves not only for faster identification of the user. Corporations use it as a source of influence through ads. They know all about your behavior, preferences, and history of search to implement their marketing goals. So, don’t be surprised with exact targeting.

Best privacy tool: does it exist?

Yes! The solution has been developed for five years by the team of tech-experts.

Utopia is a secure and all-in-one ecosystem that is based on the most advanced existing technology. Enhanced encryption is built on elliptic curves and p2p network architecture. What are the features making Utopia one of the best privacy tool?

  • Self-enclosed ecosystem — Using Utopia, you are ensured that third-party companies have no access to your data. Freedom of expression and confidentiality are fundamental principles within Utopia.
  • Decentralization — Data warehouses, companies are never used as a server for data storage. You are the only person who is in control of texts, pictures, card details, and e-mails.
  • Anonymity — Utopia never asks users for personal data such as telephone number, address, and even name. You receive a life-long Private Key as registered; it works a lot like a QR-code generated for you. Key opens the door to safe communication online.
  • Multifunctionality — Utopia provides us with security for all possible activities online. It includes uMessenger, uMail, uWallet, mining bot, and many more tools users can enjoy for free.
  • Rewards — The only thing you need to do to get paid is being online. Utopia pays out in native currency, which is stable, secure, and easy to transfer.

Utopia – what are the main features?

As soon as you downloaded Utopia and got a Secret Key generated by uNS all the ecosystem’s tools are at your disposal. Instant text and voice messages, e-mail, financial transfers, and even website creation are empowered by security. To top it all, you get rewarded with Crypton, which is not affected by other cryptocurrencies.

For example, in the Utopia network, you can anonymously: register an account, communicate, send uMails, share files, and perform financial transactions. Crypton is the native cryptocurrency of Utopia. The ecosystem, with the help of advanced crypto and distributed technologies, automatically maintains its value. It is not affected by the world’s currencies, raw materials, metals, or other cryptocurrencies. You can keep your money in Crypton, with no fear of market volatility.


Best privacy tool Utopia

It works like existing messengers you got used to. With the only difference – messages and files are encoded by default using elliptic curves. Only the recipient can decode it and see the content.

A public key is your nickname and the key to decrypt the data. What is essential about the messenger is that, unlike analogs, group chats and channels are encrypted by default too.

Creating a channel is a sufficient option for those who have a blog or business. Newsfeed and work conversations are provided with privacy and many functions. Users can identify languages and geoTags in the channel settings. Location tags and uTags are essential tools to find the audience of the same interests.

It’s comfortable to look for private discussions using Channel ID, uCode, or Public Key of the owner.


E-mails are encoded end-to-end and integrated with the other services. Choose Hybrid Mode to see the mailbox, chat rooms, and contacts on one screen.

There is one difference between uMail and the other e-mail services. To enhance privacy level, users can send uMails only within the Utopia environment, to authorized members.

Best privacy tool Utopia

You can generate a template for uMails, which is particularly convenient for business correspondence. The similar layout enables effortless message creation for each type of letters.

Idyll browser

Idyll is an in-built browser which is based on advanced encryption mechanisms. Due to its anonymity and decentralization, it can’t serve governmental surveillance goals.

Idyll has no central server which saves browsing history and metadata. The safe and anonymous Internet is open for every Utopia user. Using Idyll browser protects you from being a tool for corporations’ marketing goals and annoying ads.

Idyll provides users with a high speed of page loads, which participants contribute themselves.


Best privacy tool Utopia

Safe transactions between your accounts or with merchants have never been that easy. uWallet is designed to issue Crypto cards and Crypton transfers.

Credit card with customized design and digits can be issued in a matter of seconds. There is no necessity to reveal your Private key to commit transfers, which leads security to a higher level.

Your balance, interest rates, and transaction data are always on the dashboard.

Mining bot

Users earn CRPs when they assist Utopia Ecosystem by boosting the network paths. You have a chance to get paid every 15 minutes for doing nothing.

You can use several Bot simultaneously to get more bonuses. But the only limitation is that they should work on separate devices.

That is how the number of routing connections is growing inside the ecosystem.

Crypto file manager

Crypto container allows you to store, edit, and transfer files securely. Nevertheless, you can’t work on the same file from different devices simultaneously. All the history data is saved locally.

To sum up

In 2019 the Internet is no longer a place for free expression and privacy. Corporations and governments legalized online espionage to gain money and power. Browsers, messengers, social media track your online activities, steal the content, and use it for their purposes. Utopia is a decentralized solution for online security based on the most advanced blockchain technology. Built-in encryption mechanisms work by default so that third-parties have no access to your activities and data.

Download and use Utopia to enjoy its multiple tools!

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