What Are Sneaker Proxies and Why Use Them?

You should know that sneaker copping is a real thing, and while others do it so they can have a collection of all the limited editions of the best shoes (and for the accompanying bragging rights), others do it as a full-time business.

Both groups wait for these limited editions to drop, then proceed to make multiple purchases in the shortest possible time (since sales start and end within minutes).

There are, however, several challenges to this form of copping, and aside from the fact that the window of purchase is only open within minutes, the manufacturers do not allow the purchase of more than one pair per buyer.

To enforce this, they usually set up mechanisms that read and identify internet protocol (IP) addresses and ban any that has made a prior purchase. This makes it very impossible to buy two sneakers with the same device and IP address.

Fortunately, sneaker proxies have been changing this precedent by providing users with multiple IPs and locations to choose from in order to make as many purchases as they can afford. Aside from that, sneaker proxies have also made it possible for people who live in forbidden locations to buy their favorite sneakers by allowing them to pick a different location. So that a buyer who stays in a forbidden geo-location can use, for instance, a proxy Australia and change location to anywhere in the world to cop a pair of sneakers or more. 

What Are Sneaker Proxies?

Sneaker proxies are defined as special proxy servers with multiple residential IP addresses. That is to say, they are special proxies that come equipped with IPs tied directly to actual locations. They appear as real users on the internet even though they are bots and are essentially used for copping sneakers from manufacturers’ websites.

What Are Sneaker Proxies Used For?

Originally, the sneaker proxy was designed especially for copping highly coveted sneaker editions from manufacturers’ websites. This followed the strict rules of sneaker makers such as Nike and Adidas preventing multiple purchases of limited editions by a single person.

Sneaker proxies are therefore used to switch IPs and trick those websites into thinking the subsequent requests are from a different user. This has worked so well and allowed several sneaker retailers to spring up. These retailers purchase many of these limited shoe editions to sell them for huge profits later.

The success of this arrangement has seen the application of these proxies spread into the purchase of other highly coveted products such as concert tickets.

People who cannot originally buy multiple concert tickets or even buy one because of geo-restriction issues can now use sneaker proxies to buy as many as they want and from whichever part of the world they reside in.

In whichever area you choose to apply this tool, automating it with other necessary tools is not only effective but saves you valuable time and energy.

Main Features That A Sneaker Proxy Must Have

The following are some of the main features that a proxy must have to be considered an ideal sneaker proxy:

Multiple IPs

The one thing that makes sneaker proxies so great is that they offer users numerous IP addresses to choose from. The goal is so that the user appears as a different person every time they dive back in to make another purchase. Hence this is a must-have feature for any sneaker proxy.


With sneaker copping, time is everything, as to delay is to miss out. And because the main goal of this exercise is to grab as many sneakers as possible in the short period they sell for, sneaker proxies are built to deliver the best possible speed. That way, buyers can buy as many shoes as they can afford.

Bypassing Geo-Restrictions

Geo-restrictions are mechanisms that prevent certain internet users from reaching certain websites and servers. And they are commonly used by shoe manufacturers, so their limited editions are unavailable to people from certain regions.

Sneaker proxies that work well must overcome this challenge by giving the user multiple locations to choose from. For instance, a user can use a great sneaker proxy Australia to bypass this mechanism and appear to be shopping from Australia. Learn more about proxy Australia and how it can help you avoid geo-restriction. 


A good sneaker proxy must also be readily scalable. This is because the task they must perform differs from time to time – sometimes, it is to cop 10 pairs of sneakers from 2 different websites and other times, it could be to grab 100 concert tickets from 5 different websites. Aside from the different types of jobs, the different websites could also differ in structures.

And a good sneaker proxy should have no trouble scaling up to handle all of these.


Sneaker proxy is what people use when they are trying to cop multiple pairs of their favorite sneakers. Or they can be used when Sneakerheads are trying to make purchases from a forbidden location. However, their usage is not only restricted to sneaker copping alone as they can also be used to buy products such as concert tickets.

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