WhatsApp Introduces Support for Proxy Servers to Bypass Geo-Blocking and Censorship

WhatsApp, the popular messaging application with over 2 billion daily users, has introduced a new feature that allows users to connect to the messenger through a proxy server.

This is especially useful for users in countries where WhatsApp is restricted or blocked and in situations with connection failures. The feature, which can be found in the “Data and storage” section under “Proxy,” allows users to enter a proxy address and connect to WhatsApp.

The feature is available on both iOS and Android systems, and developers have stated that connecting through a proxy will not affect the privacy and security measures already in place, such as end-to-end encryption. However, it is worth noting that the IP address may be available to the proxy provider, not WhatsApp.

Proxy servers have long been a tool for bypassing internet censorship, and WhatsApp’s introduction of this feature will allow users in restricted countries to access the messenger. However, users need to find a reliable proxy server, as not all proxies may work, and some may even pose a security risk. WhatsApp has stated that a proxy should only be necessary if a direct connection to WhatsApp servers is impossible.

It is worth noting that while proxy servers can be a useful tool for bypassing geo-blocking and censorship, they may not be the most secure option. VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are often a more secure choice, as they encrypt the user’s internet connection and protect their privacy. However, VPNs may not always be an option in restricted countries where proxy servers can be useful.

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