WhatsApp Memory Management Tool To Save Storage On Your Smartphone

WhatsApp Messenger is rolling out a new feature to save storage on your smartphone. A new memory management tool helps users find and delete files that take up too much space on their smartphones.

The current ‘WhatsApp Storage Usage’ tool simply classifies all available chats by the amount of space they occupy, listing the number of messages, photos, GIFs, and videos in each chat and allowing the user to delete each category with a few touches. It’s useful, but it doesn’t give users a way to explore the content they’re removing. That’s important if you need to delete disposable material but not important content.

In comparison, the new tool will offer content thumbnails to remove and group this data into categories, including filters such as “Forwarded many times” and “More than 5 MB”. This should make it easier for users to identify content that they no longer need or want, and that can simply be removed.

We will have full control over the storage occupied on our devices, even if we focus on chats. The manager will tell us which chats have the largest files and which ones take up the most space.

You can see a preview of the new tool in action:

These new storage management tools are coming to everyone this week. When available, we can access them through the settings, going to “Data and Storage” and then “Manage Storage.” The update reaches all users, so there is no need for any beta.

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