WhatsApp Working On Implementing Transcribing Voice Messages

WhatsApp Messenger is working to implement a new and useful feature — transcribing voice messages. For the moment, the feature that allows you to convert voice messages into text has been spotted only for iOS and is still under development.

The news is reported by the usual tipster WABetainfo who posted some screenshots on how this new feature would work. First, it will be up to the user to decide whether to activate the function or not. The content of the message will not be sent to WhatsApp or Facebook, but it will be Apple’s task to transcribe the voice note. This will serve the Cupertino giant to improve speech recognition technology.

To convert a voice message into text, the user must click on an option available in the conversation and accept special permission that specifies that the content will be sent to Apple. By accepting, WhatsApp will open a new tab with the voice message and the possibility of transcribing it so that it appears in the text. It will also be possible to transcribe only a part of the audio. The text conversions will be saved locally on the device and can be viewed at any time.

This is a function that is still under development; therefore we do not know when it will be definitively implemented on WhatsApp for both iOS and Android users. Both in iOS and Android, there is the necessary technology to implement this function; even Google and Apple have been training their speech recognition systems in multiple languages.

Recently WhatsApp has incorporated end-to-end encryption on backups stored in Google Drive and iCloud.

Avinash A
Avinash A
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