Windows 10X Might Have Met Its Untimely End

Microsoft should no longer want to deliver its planned Windows 10X operating system in 2021. This is reported by Petri with reference to people who are familiar with the development.

Windows 10X, shown for the first time in October 2019 on the Surface Neo with two displays, was supposed to be Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Chrome OS cloud operating system as a simple but more modern version of Windows 10.

Little by little, the projects announced in 2019 have been losing priority. The Surface Duo is the only product that has seen the light, but the device runs on Android. The two-screen Surface Neo tablet has not had the same luck, and by now, it is unlikely to be launched.

We only have Windows 10X left, which Microsoft first tried to save by changing its objective. A year ago, it changed from being an exclusive system for two-screen devices to a new version of Windows 10 also available for conventional computers. The idea was to compete with Google with its Chromebooks, with a lighter system for cheap equipment for students and companies.

Now, Windows 10X might have met its untimely end. Microsoft expert Brad Sams claims that Microsoft has abandoned, possibly forever, the new system.

The reasons are obvious. In a market that demands more laptops and computers with Windows 10, Microsoft’s priority is to improve the main system, not to introduce another one.

The good news is that the improvements and new features of Windows 10X will come to the major version of Windows 10 in the form of updates.

Also, this does not mean that Windows 10X is going to disappear forever. It won’t be out in 2021, but if the situation changes, Microsoft could take it back and make its vision of the two screens a reality.

Anu Thomas John
Anu Thomas John
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