YouTube Clips: Twitch-Inspired Feature Let You Share 60 Secs Clips Of Videos

YouTube announces the arrival of Clips, a feature that allows users to create short videos to share on social media from live broadcasts — and is inspired by the Twitch feature of the same name.

In the past, the app has been inspired by others for some of its features, such as TikTok-inspired Shorts. Now Twitch is the application that they have been inspired by for their new role, which officially begins its testing phase.

The company says it has listened to the community to introduce this new feature. For now, Clips can be used on a small number of content creator channels.

How does Clips work on YouTube?

Using clips is very easy. First you must find a channel that supports this function. As we mentioned before, it is not available to everyone, although it is expected that over time it will begin to be deployed to the rest of the content creators.

Below the video you will see an icon with the symbol of a scissors. This will allow you to select the fragment you want to cut. The minimum duration of the clips is 5 seconds and the maximum 60. Once you have done the clipping, YouTube will show you a window with different sharing options.

Clips creates a link linked to the source video . Users who access that link will be able to see the clipping and also access the full content.

According to Engadget, YouTube has decided to apply a series of restrictions to its new function. It will not work on live premieres and videos longer than 8 hours in length.

An important fact is that if the original video is removed from YouTube, all the Clips associated with it also disappear. If it is marked as private not listed, the clippings will be visible.

Avinash A
Avinash A
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