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Edward Snowden Joined Twitter, Within Hours Got More Followers Than NSA

snowden twitter
Edward Snowden, the fugitive who exposed the mass-surveillance practices at the National Security Agency isn’t just a hashtag anymore. Finally Edward Snowden joined Twitter on...

Pirate Bay Co-Founder Released From Prison After 3 Years

anakata released
Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg was released from a Swedish prison  Saturday, three years after he began serving time for copyright and hacking offences...

Google Announced A New Project To Provide High-Speed Public Wi-Fi In...

The railroad in India are known as " The Lifeline to the Nation "  is soon going to become Wi-Fi line of the Nation....

Google Celebrates Its 17th Birthday – A Little Flashback

google birthday google doodle
Google is celebrating its 17th birthday today by posting an animated doodle on its homepage which reminds back to the web of the 1990s. The 17th birthday...

Express Your Every Mood With This Crazy 1000-Key Emoji Keyboard

emoji keyboard
We have come across some crazy stuff, but this one is definitely at the top end of the crazy spectrum. A YouTuber named Tom...

In 2015, Taking Selfies Are More Dangerous Than Shark Attack

taking selfies
Selfies most trending word, its every where. But in 2015 more people died while taking selfies than shark attack. Mashable is reporting that 12 people...

One Million U.S. Dollars Bounty To Hackers Who Can Breach...

iOS 9
A cyber security firm, Zerodium in Tuesday made an offer to all hackers around the world. That the company will pay One million U.S. dollars bounty to...

Virus In Candy Crush And Other Popular Games Attacking Android Users

candy crush
A bad new for all Android gamers of India, a virus bundled with popular games such as Candy Crush is reportedly attacking large number of...