5 Tips To Increase Your Views On TikTok

With an increase in competition, Tik Tok is no longer just a fad for Gen Z as it’s becoming quite a saturated platform each passing day. However hard it may get to increase views and gain more views on TikTok videos, it’s not an impossible task. So, if you are ready to put in some effort and shine on this platform, here are 5 tips to spiral your views on TikTok. 

1. Post A Variety Of High-quality Videos Consistently

If you want your TikTok views to touch the stars, you need to ensure high quality in all aspects of your videos. For a high competition rate, make sure that your content is interesting enough to capture, retain people’s attention and increase engagement. In order to stand out and be outstanding, you need to be creative and think out of the box. To hook viewers, make sure to make your initial seconds of the video interesting.

Optimize your videos to make users watch the complete video. If you want to hook your viewers, try to compose your captions in a way that invokes curiosity due to suspense. Even though it’s safe to stick to a niche and gain a loyal audience, it’s important to keep trying out different things to surprise your audience and get your content viral. Tutorials, dance, and choreography, lip syncs, challenges, pranks, DIYs, inspiration videos, comedy and mimicry, makeup, fashion, etc., are just a few ideas, to begin with. When you have no interesting content ideas to post, you can always go for some behind-the-scenes edit for fun. Make sure that your videos are of high quality not only in terms of content but also video quality, sound, lighting, editing, etc. 

2. Use Hashtags F0r Higher Completion Rate

If you want to increase engagement, you should work on your completion rate. This means that your current viewers should watch your videos until the very end or even better, view them multiple times. This helps in informing the TikTok algorithm that your content is worthy and it will automatically get more views. A high completion rate is only possible if you have targeted the right audience who are actually interested in your niche. Hashtags are a great way to categorize videos as per a niche, so make sure to use relevant hashtags to increase TikTok views. You can also get more views on Tik Tok by jumping on trending topics through the use of trending hashtags. This is better than using generic hashtags just for the sake of spamming your captions and making it a waste of space. 

3. Keep Up With Trends

Whether it comes to music, visual filters, or the content of your video; staying up to date with trends isn’t just an option anymore if one wants to shoot up their TikTok views. Simply look for the most trending videos and hop on that trend. To go insanely viral and increase TikTok views to a huge extent, you can start your own trends like hashtags challenges. It’s not always necessary to be on the lookout for trending videos and ideas in the discovery section. You can also have a look at the content that has gone viral in the past and take ideas from that. If you have many best-performing videos, you can get a clear idea regarding what type of content is fondly enjoyed by your audience to increase engagement. Do not make the exact replica of old or other trending videos. Simply evaluate themes and integrate them into your videos in a new and more fun way. 

4. Consistency And Engagement

One should not underestimate the importance of remaining consistent on TikTok as not everyone gets lucky overnight. So, if you want to gain more views on TikTok videos, consistency literally is the key. Consistency shouldn’t just be limited to your posting frequency and timings, but also when it comes to interacting with your audience. Kudos to everyone who can make and post 3-4 videos per day, but if you really want your TikTok views to take a hit, try to engage as actively as possible. If you can get out of your way to connect to your audience on a more personal level on platforms like Instagram, more power to you. Others should make it a point to maintain interaction by commenting back, commenting on other videos replying to DM’s, and going live are some easy ways to stay connected and increase TikTok views. 

5. Collaborations

Fun, easy and worthy; collaborations go a long way in popularizing your name and gaining more views on TikTok videos. So, if you haven’t ready- reach out to people with relatable content and create something fun. If you are lucky enough to get a chance to collaborate with someone famous, you can redirect a lot of their traffic to your page, further shooting up your views. Making use of duets is another way to buzz on without having to physically meet people. Make sure to turn on your duet settings so others can also make duets with you.


Now that you know the perfect blend, you can increase engagement and gain more views on TikTok videos. Remember that it may not always be an overnight process but staying consistent with your creativity will be worth it. So, keep believing, keep creating, keep posting and keep engaging.

Prabhul Kurup
Prabhul Kurup
Meet Prabhul Kurup, with degrees in IT and Digital Marketing and writes about the coolest tech trends, smart marketing, and how to grow businesses. When he's not geeking out over gadgets, he's strumming melodies on his guitar.


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