Pixel 6a 60Hz Screen Overclocked To 90Hz

The mid-range Google Pixel 6a comes with a 6.1-inch OLED display running at 60Hz, but there’s a way to overclock it to 90Hz. Twitter user TheLunarixus found a way to take the screen of Google’s Pixel 6a from a regular 60Hz to a 90Hz frame rate.

Various users confirmed that the modification works and that the frame rate is actually 90Hz. The Verge has also confirmed this.

So far, Google has not yet commented or confirmed on this — whether the panel actually supports 90 Hz and Google has deactivated this frame rate via software for marketing reasons, or whether it is a 60Hz panel that is overclocked by the mod. All thanks to the fact that the Google Pixel 6a has the same screen as the Pixel 6, where the default frame refresh rate is 90Hz.

To unlock 90Hz on Pixel 6a, you need to enable debug mode, and OEM unlock in settings, then unlock the bootloader, manually flash Android 13 beta with some checks disabled, and flash a modified vendor_boot image. The result of all these actions unlocks the Smooth Display option and the ability to force the maximum refresh rate in the developer options to 90Hz.

If the display is overclocked, it is unclear how this will affect the image quality in the long term. In any case, TheLunarixus wants to publish a custom ROM in which the option can be selected in the settings. According to him, the voltage of the panel was not changed.

Avinash A
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