Apple AR/VR Headset to Feature External Battery Pack, Gaming, Fitness and E-Reader Features

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has disclosed some fresh data regarding Apple’s planned AR/VR headset, which will likely be presented at WWDC in June. 

The headset will have two ports: a USB-C connector for data transfer and a unique magnetic port for installing a battery pack. The battery pack is essential for the headset to work and has a capacity of two hours.

According to Gurman, the battery is identical in size and form to a MagSafe pack, but the tiny cells should also give adequate energy life. Apple’s augmented reality headset doesn’t have a battery to make it lighter and more comfortable.

To entice both developers and users, the headset will contain gaming, fitness, and e-reader functions in addition to the external power pack. Users are expected to be able to watch virtual reality sports and play “top of the line” games that will operate with other Apple devices. The headgear supports most of Apple’s iPad apps, including Books, Camera, FaceTime, Maps, and Messages. Hundreds of thousands of third-party iPad apps will also be compatible with headsets from launch.

The fitness app will receive special attention, and the functionality will “likely” not be accessible at launch. However, one tester said they were “wowed” by the capabilities, and Apple’s consumer base is likely to be open to a more immersive fitness experience.

While some buyers may be hesitant to spend $3,000 on an augmented reality headset, Apple’s track record with high-end items suggests that the headset will be a hit. The first-generation AirPods were regarded with scepticism but rapidly became one of the market’s most popular wireless earbuds. The AR headset might do the same, especially if Apple can deliver on its promises of an engaging user experience.

It’s important to note that this is only one report, and we still don’t know much about Apple’s augmented reality headset. Gurman is a trustworthy source, and his report offers us a decent indication of what to expect from the gadget. We’ll have to wait until June to find out whether he’s correct, but it’s apparent that Apple is serious about AR, and their headgear might be a game changer.

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