6 Best Apps to Track Kids for Parents

Today’s kids learn how to use smartphones from a tender age. Despite their positive contribution to children’s cognitive development and socialization skills, cell phones can expose them to a world of cyberbullying and other digital perils. Fortunately, parents can utilize an app to track children’s phone and protect them from any potential dangers they may face online.

Read on to learn about the best apps for tracking your child.

Why Might Parents Need Tracking Apps?

As a parent, you’re responsible for providing the best life possible for your children. Here are a few reasons why guardians may decide to install one of the top-notch apps to track kids on their youngsters’ devices:

To Safeguard Their Kids from Digital Threats

Around twelve million kids worldwide are exposed to a plethora of cyber risks. Using a tracking app allows you to unearth whether your children are talking to creeps, swindlers, or general strangers online.

To Ensure They’re Not Sexting

Sexting refers to sending sexually explicit content online. Apart from being morally indecent, it’s illegal for anyone to share pornographic materials on digital platforms. Monitoring your children’s phone will help you know if they’re sexting or not, allowing you to stop such behavior from progressing.

To Check Whether They’re at School During Learning Hours

Teenage kids require close monitoring to ensure they’re not sneaking out of school with their rebellious friends. Using spy apps to track kids will assist you in knowing their whereabouts throughout the day.

To Discover Any Signs of Cyberbullying

It’s estimated that more than nine million children are affected by cyberbullying around the world. Using a kid tracker phone app can help you discover if your child is a victim or perpetrator of cyberbullying.

The Top 6 Apps for Parents

We’ve conducted some research and chosen the best tracking applications that come highly recommended by other users.

Here are the top six apps for tracking kids:

1. eyeZy

Despite being relatively new in the market, eyeZy is already gaining a reputation as the best app for tracking kids. This high-quality software comes with a social spotlight feature that allows you to read their private conversations on Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, Snapchat, and other instant messaging platforms. It’s also equipped with a Keylogger, Plans Breaker, Files Finder, and more.

2. mSpy

Regarded as the best kid tracker app in the market, mSpy contains a variety of helpful tracking features for parents. For instance, it has a social media monitoring feature that reveals your target’s incoming and outgoing messages, shared multimedia files, recipient information, and more.

mSpy is also equipped with a GPS location tracker that accurately reveals your kid’s whereabouts. You can use the app’s built-in geofencing tool to set “safe” and “dangerous” zones on a map. If your child enters or exits these zones, you immediately receive a notification.

In addition, mSpy allows parents to monitor their children’s internet activity, gallery multimedia files, call logs, emails, and more.

3. MamaBear

This app is specifically designed with parental control in mind. Apart from monitoring your kids’ social media accounts and tracking their location, this app checks for potentially harmful text conversations and sends prompt notifications to parents in case it detects sexting, cyberbullying, and other inappropriate behaviors.

4. FamilyTime

It’s important for parents to limit their children’s screen time. Luckily, FamilyTime allows you to do just that. You can set Time Limits, Homework Time, and BedTime controls to ensure that your kids focus on things that matter most, such as rest and schoolwork.

5. Net Nanny

This kid tracker phone app comes with some effective parental control features that can help parents to protect their little ones whenever they’re online. Apart from filtering internet content, Net Nanny allows users to block inappropriate apps installed on the target device and manage kids’ screen time.

6. Norton Family

Norton Family is a family-focused tracking app that allows kids to explore the internet safely. This app filters and blocks unsuitable websites, tracks children’s real-time locations and helps parents to set healthy device limits for their kids.


Protecting our loved ones from digital harm should always come first on our list of priorities. Luckily, the tracking apps described above can help make parental control feel like a breeze. As our top pick, we’ve chosen mSpy to be the best app for tracking kids today.

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
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