5 Best Mobile Apps to Scan Your Handwritten Notes in 2024

The charm of writing notes by hand still holds a special place. Many of us prefer the feel of pen on paper, but we also need to keep up with the digital era. This is where a new set of mobile apps comes in. These apps are designed to scan your handwritten notes and turn them into digital files. This way, you can have the best of both worlds — the personal touch of handwritten notes and the convenience of digital files.

Apps to Digitize Handwritten Notes:

These apps are more than just scanners. They are smart tools that make your handwritten notes easy to store, search, and share. This is especially useful for students, teachers, and professionals who deal with lots of notes and need to keep them organized.

1. Notebloc Scanner

Notebloc Scanner defines itself as a scanning app tailored for students and teachers. Its primary function is to scan documents of any kind, from handwritten notes to printed receipts, and save them as PDFs, compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. Notebloc Scanner also includes OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities, supporting typed texts in 18 languages. This feature is incredibly useful for converting scanned documents into editable text, enhancing the app’s versatility. The app’s design is straightforward, requiring no registration or user account, and focuses on the essential features to keep your notes secure.

2. PenToPrint

Pen to Print is aptly named, reflecting its core functionality of scanning handwritten notes and converting them into editable text. This app is particularly useful for those who prefer the traditional method of writing notes by hand but also want to leverage the advantages of digital documentation. The specialized OCR engine in the app is tailored to recognize various handwriting styles, from block letters to cursive.

3. Scribzee

Scribzee is a great app for students. Available as a web application and on mobile platforms like Android, iOS, and iPadOS, Scribzee allows you to scan, organize, share, and securely save your handwritten notes, making them accessible anytime, anywhere. Unlike typical scanning apps, Scribzee focuses on producing a clear digital copy of your notes, maintaining their original handwritten form. As a student, Scribzee lets you organize notes by subject, assign statuses to track revision progress, and share them easily with friends. For professionals, Scribzee helps to manage notes from various projects, convert handwritten minutes into PDFs for quick sharing, and links notes to calendar appointments for easy access. It’s free to use, offers dedicated cloud storage, and ensures the security of your data. 

4. ScreenOCR

ScreenOCR offers a more straightforward approach to scanning handwritten notes. Available for Android and iPhone, it uses Google’s OCR technology, with more than 98% accuracy, to recognize text in over 50 languages. ScreenOCR also integrates Google Translate, allowing for the translation of scanned texts into more than 20 languages. The app supports scanning from whiteboards or blackboards, which is particularly useful in educational settings. The free version of ScreenOCR is ad-supported, providing six free credits daily, with the option to watch ads for extra credits. For those who require unlimited access, ScreenOCR offers a Pro version with various subscription plans, including monthly, yearly, and lifetime options.

5. Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Lens is designed to trim, enhance, and convert pictures of whiteboards and documents into readable, digital formats. Microsoft Lens comes with the ability to digitize printed or handwritten text. This means you can scan your meeting notes or classroom lectures and later edit them for clarity or share them with others. The app also integrates seamlessly with OneNote and OneDrive, allowing you to save your documents directly to the cloud or your local device. Microsoft Lens also allows users to convert images to PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files. This feature is particularly useful for students who want to digitize classroom handouts or annotate them in Word and OneNote.

These apps are changing the way we handle handwritten notes. They make it easy to keep the personal touch of handwriting while enjoying the benefits of digital files. Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or a professional, these apps can help you manage your notes more effectively. 

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