Microsoft Brings Bing Chat to Google Chrome and Safari

Microsoft’s AI chatbot, Bing Chat, is finally paving its way into non-Microsoft browsers. According to ZDNet, the Redmond-based company confirmed the implementation of Bing AI in Chrome and Safari via an email statement to the media outlet. Previously, the feature was only accessible on Edge and the Bing mobile app. Now, it appears on Google Chrome for Windows and Apple’s Safari for macOS.

Microsoft’s Director of Communications, Caitlin Roulston, explained that the access to Bing Chat on Safari and Chrome is currently limited to selected users as part of their testing phase in other browsers. She added that after the testing process, this AI will be expanded to more users.

For now, a pop-up notification may appear on the taskbar of Windows 10 or 11, informing users that Bing Chat is available for testing in Chrome. Users can also open Chrome, navigate to the Bing website, and if they’re among the selected individuals, they’ll see a “Chat Now” icon in the top right corner, granting access to the AI.

The Bing AI experience in Chrome is expected to be similar to that in Edge. However, Windows Latest reports that there are certain restrictions for non-Edge browsers. With Bing AI in Chrome, users are limited to five messages per chat, compared to 30 in Edge.

Powered by ChatGPT-4, Bing Chat is one of the most advanced language models available to users. It has been accessible to Microsoft Edge users since late February.

Avinash A
Avinash A
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