Business Account: Beneficial Features

In the modern business world, an online account has become a useful tool for everyday life. You can manage such a business account via any device connected to the Internet. It means that you can monitor your money, transfer money, and make other necessary transactions from any place and anytime you wish.

If the idea sounds good, do not hesitate to try it. Please read about the advantages of a business account, such as Genome Account, and create your own online account to enjoy all its features and benefits.

The Basics of the Business Account

Generally, it is advisable to open a business account no matter what the size of your company is. It is much easier to pay taxes through a separate business account and manage the situation as a whole. Otherwise, there can be mistakes, and not all the transactions are available through a private account.

Of course, you can open a business account in a traditional bank. However, it always takes precious time, and the bureaucracy itself can be tiresome. Instead, such an option as an online account is available in Europe and the Czech Republic as a part of the European Union. 

To create this business account, you need to choose a trustworthy financial organization that operates online, visit its website, and register. Then, follow the instructions provided there. For example, on genome.euthe user has to:

  1. Sign up for the system.
  2. Provide personal data and pass verification.
  3. Give the information related to the company and details about its activity.

The decision-making process usually takes up to 72 hours. After the positive result, your business account will be ready for utilization.

Therefore, it is easy and convenient to open a business account this way. That is the reason it has become so popular in Europe in recent years.

Main Features of a Business Account

Different financial organizations provide various advantages for an online account. Let us discover the possible opportunities using Genome Account as an example.

Business online bank account

Open multiple IBANs

The user can create up to 5 IBANs in each currency – EUR, GBP, and USD in one business account. The procedure takes minutes, which is very convenient for business purposes.

Money exchange with favorable rates

This procedure also occurs instantly, and the fee is only 1%. The price for each service is transparent and affordable, and you will always stay aware of how much you need to pay. A user can store money in EUR, GBP, and USD, and you can easily receive payments or transfer money using other currencies.

Transfer money and create templates

There are international SEPA and SWIFT transactions available. In addition, you can enjoy quick instant internal transfers with partners who also utilize Genome. Moreover, there is an opportunity to create payment templates and repeat them when needed or even schedule regular payments.

Share access to your business account

You can open a business account and manage it with employees and colleagues. There are different roles that you can assign and different functions accordingly. It is especially useful for big companies.

Statements and analytics

Statements for your business account and merchant account can be generated both in CSV and PDF. Moreover, there will be regular reports about all your transactions together with in-depth analytics. Altogether, you will have the fullest possible control over your online account and the opportunity to plan your future activity according to the obtained results.

Real-time notifications

You will oversee the company’s money in one place – your business account. If you wish, you can get real-time notifications about all the transactions. This tool was created for security measures. Therefore, you will always be aware of the recent activities.

Altogether, thanks to the online account, you can transfer money and do all other necessary transactions immediately. It is one of the main reasons for opening your personal business account. 

Security measures will guarantee your safety, so you can operate actively and feel free in all your actions. It is a swift modern world and the future of the banking system, and everyone can become part of it today. Do not hesitate to try all the benefits of this tool!

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
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