How to Choose an HR Director: A Reminder for a Business Owner

HR Director is a rather young position that appeared in our business 15-20 years ago. Until now, not all top managers and business owners are sure that the company needs it. Some hire an HR director because it’s trendy. Some hire an offshore team for their business. And this is a real option. You can read about the pros and cons of offshoring and yourshoring for software development with the help of Turnkey Labs company. They provide the best development teams around your business needs. In such a way, you can decide which option is better to choose.

Let’s talk about the top 5 criteria for hiring the best HR director for your business which can include:

  • KPIs;
  • the same language;
  • the ability to become a mediator;
  • decision-making.

The HR director is not just a position, it is a game-changing role in your business.

You Communicate with the HR Director in the Same Language

The language of business is the language of numbers. We cannot manage what we cannot measure. And in working with people, almost everything can be measured, from the hiring plan for the needs of the company for the future and ending with an assessment of the reasons for the dismissal of employees.

Therefore, for successful interaction with the HR director, it is necessary to agree on and then fix quantitative and qualitative indicators, a work plan, and an assessment of the results.

The choice of numbers and indicators is dictated by the development strategy. The planning system is proposed by the HR director and approved by the first person in the company.

You Are Satisfied with the Result of the Actions of the HR Director

If the performance of the HR director is in the range of 80% to 100% of the planned, this is an acceptable indicator.

Do not forget that additional tasks that have arisen after the action plan has been drawn up can only be added taking into account its adjustment. It is impossible to add water to a full glass.

HR Director Is Involved in Strategic and Tactical Decision-making

He is an assistant in making key decisions, the owners and top officials can give him the right to “veto”. An effective HR manager is like a doctor who knows what medicine is best for the company at the moment. Like any doctor, he must be guided by the principle of “do no harm.”

Choose an HR Director

The HR Director Is a Translator From the Language of the Owner to the Language of the Employee 

Often, the owners and top managers of the company make certain decisions because they are convinced that all employees treat their business as if it were their own. Also, because of this belief, the first persons have the feeling that they have created the best and unique conditions for work.

In practice, this may not be the case. Therefore, the ability to substantiate a different point of view, to offer solutions based on a more objective assessment of the situation, is a key competence of the HR director.

HR Director Solves Non-standard Tasks From the Owner Personally 

It is in such situations that compatibility is best manifested. In my practice, for example, it was the hiring of 30% of the staff of a large retail enterprise within 2 months.

The assignment may be related to major transformations in the company. For example, the organization of a training center for top management, in which the head coach is the owner of the company.

We hope, our tips will help you hire a professional HR who will drastically change the successful rate for your company.

Jenna Jose
Jenna Jose
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