Chrome For iOS Now Secures Incognito Mode Tabs With Face ID Or Touch ID

Google continues to test new features in its browser. Now introduces a security feature in the latest beta version of Chrome for iOS that allows you to protect your tabs in incognito mode using Face ID or Touch ID.

When this feature is active, the tabs in incognito mode will appear blurred if the biometric or facial recognition system of iOS devices does not verify the user. The feature is still in early testing, so it will be rolled out progressively.

With this function, therefore, you will be able to lend your iPhone or your iPad without worrying too much because at least your private tabs will be protected.

If you are a user of the beta version of Chrome, when it reaches your device, you can activate it very easily. First, go to Settings and then to Privacy. There you will find the option Block tabs incognito.

Google has not provided details, but everything seems to have to do with the new privacy policies that Apple is promoting.

Avinash A
Avinash A
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