How can citizens living in remote areas get quality Internet Services?

Rural areas deserve the best services like the rest of the locations in the United States. However, that is not the case. Due to their remote location, most technological infrastructures don’t reach the rural districts at all. The deployment of such tech is not only difficult due to the geographical location and conditions, but they are also expensive to install. Most internet service providers base their services in urban cities because of the great return on investment. The population index is more suitable in metropolitan cities than in rural ones.

Regardless of that, everybody deserves a stable and reliable internet connection. Our lives are revolving around the power of internet connectivity. We need it for communication, for our workplaces, for giving quality education as well as for optimum medical services. We cannot always choose our area of living. You may have to move to a rural location due to work situations or you may simply be a remote area resident from the beginning. The government needs to step up and make sure that every location within the country gets equal opportunities for advancements.

This is where Satellite technology comes in. It is simply the best way to get connected to the entire world without worrying about not having a network of cables or fiber for telecom services. HughesNet is just such an ISP that is providing premium telecommunication to all the states in the USA. Wherever you are, and wherever you travel to, as long as there’s a view of the southern sky, you will have their powerful connectivity at your disposal. HughesNet internet packages offer internet plans that are perfect for single as well as multiple users. 

HughesNet Technology

HughesNet has recently launched their high internet capacity satellite, EchoStar XIX. Their new Gen5 technology is perfect for providing high-speed internet overall data plans. There is a consistent speed of 25 Mbps which is just enough for all kinds of internet usage. So, whether you’re an online gamer or a common internet user, you will get constant service without glitches. You can stream online data content, download and upload office or educational documents, stay in touch with friends and family on video calls without a worry in the world.

We’re going to take a look at the different plans that HughesNet is offering as well as their price. You can choose any one of them according to your own or your household’s specific needs and requirements.

Although, if you recently moved from an urban city with a high-speed cable or fiber-optic internet then you shouldn’t compare those speeds with satellite internet technology. A signal has to travel a long distance as the satellite orbiting the space is located at a huge distance from Earth. The latency rate is therefore higher than with the wired networks.

HughesNet Internet Plans

HughesNet PlanDownload SpeedPricingContract Term
10 GB Plan25 Mbps$59.9924 months
20 GB Plan25 Mbps$69.9924 months
30 GB Plan25 Mbps$99.9924 months
50 GB Plan25 Mbps$149.9924 months

As you can see above, HughesNet has kept all its plans simple and straight. There are no confusions at all. You will be bound in a contract but since you’re residing in a location with no other choice of connectivity, the contract doesn’t dampen the deal.

HughesNet Service Perks

With HughesNet, you get the most affordable satellite internet. Their name is synonymous with reliability and consistency. There are no hard data caps so the service is never canceled or terminated. There are no hidden charges and no extra fees for going above your listed plan data limit. The provided speed is there as it is. It doesn’t go through service glitches other than when there are certain weather conditions or technical issues like broken equipment and such.

If you’re not satisfied with the data limit or somehow end up using all the data before the end of the month, you will not be left without connectivity. The speeds will be reduced to 1 to 3 Mbps which will be enough for regular usage. However, if you don’t like using the internet at slow speeds, then you can buy HughesNet data tokens at any point during the month.

Bonus Zone Free Data

Still not happy and satisfied? Go on and try their Bonus Zone. With all the HughesNet internet plans, the customers get the opportunity to avail of 50 GB of free high-speed data between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. Try limiting all your heavy data usage to these hours if you want to save up on precious data. Additionally, you will not see any price increments at any point during the tenure of the service.

HughesNet also offers the Video Data Saver option to all its customers. The video quality is automatically reduced to standard definition to save the listed service data.

HughesNet Internet Speed

You don’t have to worry too much about the internet speed with HughesNet. The advertised speed is constant over all data plans which means that you don’t have any options for increasing the bandwidth by investing in an expensive plan. HughesNet is focused on delivering outstanding services with uncompromising quality. While other satellite providers promise fast speeds, HughesNet delivers on its commitment which was also proven after an analysis done by FCC on fixed broadband speeds. The 25 Mbps speed works amazingly well for all kinds of internet usage.

HughesNet Equipment and Installation

Satellite equipment is extremely expensive. That’s why satellite internet providers charge more for their services than other ISPs. HughesNet is offering a free dish antenna with all its internet plans. The in-built Wi-Fi modem can either be leased for a price of $14.99 per month or it can be bought straight off for a one-time price of $449.99. There is no activation fee if the modem is bought. However, you will have to pay $99 if the equipment is leased. The installation requires technical assistance so pre-book it for an easy day.

At HughesNet, the customers come first. You can call customer services, talk to a representative and get issues fixed. You can also use the live chat button on the Localcabledeals webpage and get in touch with a representative directly without waiting.

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