Cortana Embarrassed Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella During Live Keynote Presentation

Cortana failed to give accurate result, Microsoft CEO awkward moment.

Cortana – Personal Digital Assistant in Windows 10 operating system let down her boss Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella when he attempted to show off Cortana’s capabilities during a keynote speech at Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce conference.

He was demonstrating some productivity tools, and occasionally showed off what Windows 10 had to offer.And eventually he attempted to showcase Microsoft virtual assistant Cortana’s ability to understand voice commands and to deliver relevant results, but she embarrassed him by giving wrong results.

“Show me my most at-risk opportunities,” Nadella asked Cortana.

Cortana instead opened up a Bing search results page for “Show me to buy milk at this opportunity.”

Nadella’s next attempt got Cortana to open up reminders..After the third unsuccessful attempt, the embarrassed Microsoft CEO gave up.Fortunately, someone behind the scenes saved Nadella and managed to bring up the correct results. You can see it in below Youtube video.Just fast forward to 10:31 to witness how Cortana let down her Boss.

Since Microsoft co-founder and former CEO Bill Gates handling a more catastrophic failure during a 1997 demo of Windows 98. He laughed, quipped and moved on.

Microsoft has integrated its Cortana personal digital assistant app on Windows 10. It is currently available for only select locales and Microsoft is working to bring Cortana to other markets including India.

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