Deep Nostalgia: This AI Tool Can Bring Any Old Photos To Life

The use of artificial intelligence to improve photos is something we known. But Deep Nostalgia goes a step further with the use of AI, since it is capable of transforming old photos into animated photos or small videos. 

This website or AI tool, owned by the genealogical website My Heritage, is a way to bring any photo to life.

Uploading a photo to Deep Nostalgia creates an effect that makes the photo appear to be moving. Many users are uploading old photos of deceased relatives in order to turn those photos into animated photos that allow us to see that person in motion again.

Not only can Deep Nostalgia be used with old photos, it will also do the same with recent photos. This program makes use of pre-recorded videos of facial movements, and depending on the image that has been uploaded, the one that fits or works best with it will be uploaded.

The process to upload a photo is not complicated because you just have to enter the web and upload the photo from your device. For this, you will have to create a free account on MyHeritage with your Google or Facebook. You can then upload any photo, just portraits, something that many users have done, even statues, making this website and its artificial intelligence one of the most discussed topics on Twitter last weekend.

In addition, it seems that this website protects the privacy of users since they say that the photos are not shared with third parties. It is also mentioned that those photos that have been uploaded without completing the registration will be deleted automatically.

Avinash A
Avinash A
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